deGrom To The Braves, Stanks Crisis, Pro Rugby Draft

NEW YORK, NY – As Bob Murphy would so beautifully share, “It is a marvelous day!” Spectacular sunshine, powder blue skies and perfectly puffy clouds! Having set the backdrop, let’s get to the topics: deGrom To The Braves, Stanks Crisis, Pro Rugb Draft.

deGrom To The Braves

Met fans should look at Jacob deGrom – the perplexing, paradoxical, power pitcher – as a trading deadline rental. His opt-out at the head of the season, deemed as an ill-conceived slap-in-the-face by the likes of yours truly, was telling. Throw in the fact that he grew up an Atlanta Braves fan. Add percolating pressbox whispers to the mix and the smart money has Shake -n- Jake pitching for the Bravos next year. That’s not necessarily a bad thing for Mets fans. Here’s why: Mets fans have the benefit of seeing him pitch for a new – tres lucrative – contract. Granted, he is one of the best pitchers in baseball when he is on the mound but that time is limited and has been throughout his career. Is he worth the money he’s going to get at 35 years and 36 years and 37 years-old with his track record of injury?  Nope. Let the Braves answer that answerable qustion. Worst-case scenario: deGrom does well with a rival. Two things mitigate that potential negative impact, however: 1) The Metsies will have that money to spend elsewhere. 2) deGrom only plays once every five days. Let the Braves break the bank for Breakdown Jake’s David Wright imitation in 2023.

Stanks Crisis

Sure, the Mets snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Georgia last night, but life-sucking losses by the Stinkees always makes that pill easier to swallow. That stench coming out of the Bronx is not just from idle garbage and a lack of street hygiene. It’s from those over-priced imploding Bombers and their snooty-begets-defensive GM, Brian Cashman…. Thank you, Baseball Gods.

Pro Rugby Draft

Year 5 of professional rugby in the US&A is in the books. With that, the third-ever Major League Rugby Draft was held last night on FS2 and a few points re the event may interest you: 1) This graduating class, like those in other pro sports, missed the most formative/playing time because of COVID and its variants. The talent pool is somewhat diminished or unknown asa result. 2) Without NCAA sanctioning, rugby has vastly different rules governing players, nor do players have certain protections. 3) A college Draft now means there is a viable pathway and incentive for kids to play (and they are) and get paid. That’s a definitive indicator that the game is here to stay.

Speaking of staying, I am out of here! Leave your two cents below and come back for Different Matt, who is in San Fran [allegedly] hanging with Ronnie Lott and Will Clark.

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