Digital Dogsh!t: A New Meaning – and Low – for MLB!

*Aristotle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis is taking the ball for the 2nd day in a row. It’s like Edwin Diaz getting a 6-out save.

WHITESTONE, NYMajor League Baseball’s decision to do away with paper tickets is another ploy to distance the fans from the game. They are fooling themselves by thinking digital ticketing is the way to go. Their thinking is it’s another way to deter scalpers. With convenience charges added and tickets not available after the fifth inning, I have to ask, who’s the real scalpers here?

Last week I showed up to Shea StadiumCiti Field – will always be Shea to me, during the sixth inning to watch a few innings of the Subway Series between the Mets and Yankees. Usually there’s a few scalpers roaming outside the stadium trying to scrape a few dollars that late into the game. For ten bucks you can get a decent seat. M.L.B. put an end to that by going digital.

I went to the window where a few tickets were available. The price was EIGHTY TWO DOLLARS for SROStanding Room Only. This was during the sixth f*cking inning! In order to deter the scalpers, these M.L.B. teams have turned into cut throats. Instead of letting the few stragglers get inside for a few bucks, the guys behind the ticket window practically flipped us the bird.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

In their own little way they told us to f*ck-off and go home to watch the rest of the game, so they can validate their television revenue. Most pure fans are in their fifties or older. How many of them actually own a smart phone? If they have one, how many know how to operate one well enough to purchase a ticket? I know I can’t.

This Digital Dogs!t gets worse. On any given day something historical may happen at the ballpark. Having a hard copy ticket as a collector’s item is another thing M.L.B. has taken away. I wanna have that ticket stored in a frame… not inside a phone I can’t figure out – or care to.

As this once great game continues to turn into feces, M.L.B.’s initials might as well change its meaning to… Most Ludicrous Bastards!

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