All Rise for 62! Aaron Judge and New York Knicks Basketball

SPANISH HARLEM – The moment all New York Yankees fans wanted to see, finally happened on Tuesday in Arlington Texas. It was a great moment for baseball, whether your a Yankees fan or just a plain old baseball fan. These are moments that bring us together, all hoping to see history and greatness. Sure, it’s not the Major Home Run Record for a season but it’s a nice record nonetheless. Let me stop there because I have more on that plus my thoughts on Knicks.

Aaron Judge Sets The American League Home Run Record

So this is my moment: I’m watching the New York Knicks play their first preseason game of the season and I get a notification. Yup! you guessed it, Aaron “Freaking” Judge hit number 62. Don’t feel bad for me because within seconds I was on the YES Network rewinding it back… and? It was still awesome to watch. Thank God for DVRs. Watching the moment, I felt relief for Judge. Lord knows what he was feeling everything time he can up to bat. Everyone watched and waited for the moment he would hit would 62 and every walk felt like a lost moment. That must have weighed on him, knowing that no one wanted to pitch to him. In the end, all it took was one great swing.

New York Knicks

Buddy Diaz

Like I stated before, I was watching the Knicks game to finally see Jalen Brunson on a basketball floor, as the new shinny point guard. I know it’s a preseason game and guys aren’t going all out to win these games but I still wanted to see what this team might look with him running the show. I watched a lot of highlights of him from last year playoffs and I have to say… I was impressed. The way he would get in the paint and rim to finish was something you don’t expect to see from someone his size. The poise he showed in the game made me happy to know that he will be running the show for the New York Knickerbockers.

While he didn’t play a lot of minutes, the moments I did watch were to see how he would fit with team. He wasn’t fast and doing other-worldly things but he did have a steadiness about him foreign to me as a fan of the Knicks. I can’t tell you that this team will be playoff bound or be a high seed in the Eastern Conference. What I can you tell, is that this team will be a lot more fun to watch. Brunson will really help this team, there is no question about that.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Short Matt. , who barely survived his Mets choking but upbeat about their chances vs the Padres.

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