Sports Rain Man: Giants Lose, Bills Win, Jets Lose in Gut-Wrenching Style

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday, everybody! As per our weekly Small Town Market Watch, I just got say: I know why Gov. Hochul agreed to a new Bills stadium in Orchard Park. She is from Hamburg and Bills fans think its still the ’80s in the city – but it was a clear boondoggle. There are places in the city, like the waterfront and abandoned projects or the first ward that would be fine for a stadium. After seeing 6 feet of snow forcing the Bills game to be moved, we need to consider moving the team to the Northern suburbs if the city is a problem. Anyway, here are the topics for today: Giants Lose, Bills Win, Jets Lose in Gut-Wrenching Style

Giants Lose

The Jints lost in a slight stunner to the Detriot Lions. The Giants had looked the better team this season but Detroit was riding a 2-game win streak. It look like they made mad use of the draft picks they got this season in the Mathew Stafford trade. The Lions flat out dominated NY on all sides of the ball – in particular the running game. Big Blue’s season is still in good shape, as they ae 7-3. We are heading toward the business end of the season, though, and a rookie coach has to worry about a loss at home in this manner. He will have to pull hard on the reins and get this team under control for the run-in.

Bills Win

The Buffalo Bills won in Detroit against the Cleveland Browns. Not a misprint. It was heavy ask for the Bills to play in Detroit on short notice. Funny enough, they play the Lions on Thursday in the Thanksgiving game. Anyway, Da Bills struggled in the first half. Not sure if it was the travel or the absurdity of playing a home game so many miles from home. In the second half they hit their stride. They ran the ball as Cleveland struggledto stop the run. Both Devin Singletary and James Cook each rushed for 86 yards in a ground & pound combo that helped them to get a solid win and climb to second in the division.

J-E-T-S Lose in Gut-Wrenching Style

Junoir Blaber: Jet Fan

The Jets lost on a punt return for a TD with 5 seconds left on the clock… I want to start there and with these stats:
-The game had 17 Punts, 10 to the Jets, 7 to New England
Zach Wilson went 9/22 79 yards.
-The Jets haven’t beaten the Boogeymen from New England inĀ  17 regular season games

Gang Green’s defense held and held but the offense couldn’t get anything started. Fans wondered why Mike White wasn’t brought on to give the offense a spark. Heck, Belichek Belichick did it the other day by bringing on Bailey Zappe for Mac Jones. The special teams forced two missed field goals by the Pats but they also gave up the game by kicking too long and letting the wind turn a sideline kick to a middle of field kick. The bigger problem the Jets have is their defense is ahead of schedule. It wasn’t supposed to be this good for another season. This is a problem because the offense is far from consistent enough to win games and Zach “Deer In The Headlights” Wilson doesn’t look ready… at least not against New England. I said it before that Jets need to have a back-up plan ready for year 3 but my concern now is for the rest of this year! Should they look to Mike White or Joe Flacco again? They have gone from being masters of their fate to needing help to claim a playoff spot. You don’t get a lot of second chances in sport and this may be one of those times that you make a play for now not tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Come back tomorrow for Ben Whitney, who will give be checking my stats for accuracy today. .

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