New York Yankees Offer Details to Aaron Judge Emerge

SPANISH HARLEM – For over a week, we all knew the New York Yankees had made an offer to Aaron Judge. What we didn’t know were the details. I assume that was because the Yankees wanted to keep it a secret for as long as they could. When you take into account how Judge’s camp weren’t too happy with the leaked deal in Spring Training, it was probably the right thing not to pi$$ them off again.

Here is what we know: 8 years and 300 million. That would make Judge the highest paid everyday player in the game. It’s something we know he wanted and the Yankees did right by him by making that offer.

The info that is not yet available: All the teams that are interested in signing rtp slot. But those will emerge as well. Now the ball is in Judge’s court (pun intended). At the very least, fans can’t say that Yankees didn’t put their best foot forward.

Buddy Diaz

What we don’t know is how loyal Judge will be to the Yankees. It’s not like Judge is out there saying how much he loves New York and how much he wants to remain a Yankee. When asked questions about teams he would be interested in, he has been coy, so it’s hard to judge (pun intended) how he is leaning.

In my opinion the Yankees would love an answer as soon as possible to not lose out on other the top free agents available that could be had… if he signs elsewhere.

At this point, I don’t feel overly confident that he will return and the longer this goes, the more interesting it will get for every body involved.

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