Big Ben: Six Quick NFL Observations

Charlie Brown a metaphor for the Detroit Lions?! (Management got it backwards in the pic) Metaphors & NFL Observations. Sublime
ANN ARBOR, MIHappy Christmas my friends. I’m in Michigan at the in-laws. I had better bang something out if I want to avoid a “talking to” from Matt Headquarters. So here are Six Quick NFL Observations.

1) Detroit area locals were pretty fired up about the rise of the Lions. After the whooping they got in Carolina, the consensus opinions are: they couldn’t handle the bright lights of success, and Aaron Rodgers is definitely going to send them home in Week 18. There’s not a lot of sports optimism in the Motor City, to put it mildly. The Lions are the football and the fans are Charlie Brown. Almost. 

2) The Broncos are in the worst situation of any team in the NFL. Russell Wilson’s contract is fully guaranteed. They’d better find a coach who can fix that offense. Sean Peyton is smiling.

3) Miami needs to shut down Tua. The NFL needs to introduce an automatic shutdown policy for a certain number of concussions. No wonder he played so poorly in the second half.

4) The Giants need to punch their playoff ticket in Week 17 vs the Colts. Matt Ryan, Nick Foles, Shane Falco, Uncle Rico – no one can win with this shell of a Colts team. 

Ben Whitney

5) How psyched are the Jets to get Mike White back? Zach Wilson is a turd turducken of a dumpster fire, train wreck, and sh!t sandwich all rolled into one. Two wins can still get the Jets in.

6) I blame the Giants’ loss on Wink [Martindale]. Third and 17, one play from overtime? Well, blitz of course. A 18 yard bubble screen to Jefferson and the Vikings are in range. The guy just can’t bleeping help himself.

That’s it for me. Come back tomorrow for Angry Ward.

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