Sports Rain Man: Jets Lose Impressively, Giants edged by Vikings, Bills Trounce Bears

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Bills, Jets, Titans... and Stifler?

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Boxing Day. This is actually one of the two days of the year I used to demand off when I didn’t work for myself. But here I am, late at night or early morning, writing a column. With that, here’s the menu du jour: Jets lose Impressively, Giants Edged by Vikings, Bills Trounce Bears.

Jets Lose Impressively

Apparently anyone can play QB for the Jets, just not Zach Wilson. After another first half where the Jets only scored 3 points – via an interception where they started inside the 20 and went backwards – out came 4th string QB Chris Stifler Streveler. Mike White is hurt and Wilson sucks so much that it left immobile Joe Flacco, who after his horrible performance in Buffalo, was out the question. Thus it was up to Streveler, who didn’t get a touchdown but got the offense moving. He was let down by a drop on third and long by veteran receiver Corey Davis and a catch and fumble by Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate Garrett Wilson. The Jets defense, in horrible weather, held the Jacksonville Jaguars to 16 points… and still lost. With two games left and the Jets not out of the playoff picture yet, hopefully Gang Green can get Mike White behind center and win these last games. As for Mr. Wilson, I have an opinion on what to do with him but will save that for after the season… *Management suggests a trade for Malik Willis!

Junior Blaber

Giants edged by Vikings

The New York Football Giants lost to Angry Ward’s Minnesota Vikings. Their incredible amount of comeback wins are going to make their playoff collapse that much more painful. Oh snap. The Vikes started hot and got out to a nice lead but the Giants slowly clawed their way back into the game. Big Blue actually scored to tie the game (which included a 2-point conversion). However, the Vikings wouldn’t say die and got close enough to try a 61-yard field goal. Since they are in a dome (something that Bills fans should keep in mind regarding that boondoogle in Orchard Park) – the kicker made it.

Bills Trounce Bears

Maybe the Jets shouldn’t b have been that excited about the Mike White win over the Bears. If you watched the Bills play the Bears in Chicago, it was clear the Bears are lightyears from being a good team. The defense gave up over 200+ yards rushing, 120+ to Devin Singaltary and 99 to James Cook. Not to mention giving up touchdowns to the pair. Buffalo somehow turned it over 3 times and all the Bears could muster were 13 points. The one thing Chicago does have is a good QB in Justin Fields, who needs weapons. The Jets will look at Fields and wonder what could have been.

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