Ailin’ Alonso Amazin’, Aaron Boone Has A Pulse, The F***ing Florida Panthers?!

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NEW YORK, NY – different people have different experiences relating to how they became a sports fan. For some, it might have been an early interaction with a team mascot. Others may have been influenced by a parent or family member. It doesn’t matter. Once you’re hooked, you are hooked. And although we all would likely swear on our respective holy books that we can walk away, we can’t. And yesterday was one of those days in sports that could morph that initial itty-bitty hook into a full-fledged, iron gaff. Here’s what reeled me in: Ailing Alonso Amazin’, Aaron Boone Has A Pulse, The F***ing Florida Panthers?!

Ailin’ Alonso Amazin’

OK, so it wasn’t Michael Jordan versus the Utah Jazz, but the Polar Bear ironically had a cold. A heavy, lousy, stinking karma throwback cold. But this Pete Alonso guy is a throwback himself. Granted there are many prima donna athletes out there but there are a ton who aren’t and don’t get the press. Alonso gets press but now he gets props for playing with what you could easily see was a sh1tty, sh1tty cold. You know the kind. It’s the one that makes you whine and drag your feet and look for sympathy in every cold – there’s that word again – stare. You certainly don’t want to be working, especially if everybody at your job is failing miserably and expecting you to carry the load. In times like these, your salary doesn’t matter. Peter Morgan Alonso not only went to work with his underachieving colleagues, but he carried them on his energy drained back to a series win against baseball’s best team at a critical juncture in this young season. Kudos, Polar Bear, I heart you for your heart.

Aaron Boone Has A Pulse

Perhaps the most stunning development in this baseball season, if not all professional sports seasons combined, was the that out of the Yankees dugout re Aaron Boone. He is the  the robotic puppet/Manager, whose post-game press conferences make Bill Belichick look like a gleeful Neil Patrick Harris hosting an awards show. Yesterday, however, had Dr. Cashman Frankenstein scrambling, worried that his invention was showing true human capabilities. Hey, that’s the last thing we all need, what with A.I. taking over/rendering us redundant. With the following outburst, The Robot Skipper showed he/it may indeed have a pulse. Yikes.

The F***ing Florida Panthers?!

There were just seconds left in the fourth overtime period (12 seconds shy of 80 minutes), when the Florida Panthers scored the game-winner versus the Carolina Hurricanes. In case you’re wondering, this was in a National Hockey League playoff game. The problem the problem is that this very exciting game was played by two teams where you can’t play ice hockey outside. Not without spending a ton of money. That just sucks. I hate warm weather teams winning Lord Stanley’s cup. The fact that the last four teams standing are all warm weather teams sucks moose balls. Further, who are the F***ing Florida Panthers?! Can you name two of them? Name three Las Vegas Golden Showers Knights… I feel your pain, Canada.

And now…

The Rugby Odds

Oh… The Nuggets beat the Lakers.

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