Memo to MLB: Promote Bo Bichette!

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“Bring the game back to the youths!”– MLB Commissioner Robert Dean Manfred Jr. (2015)

TORONTO, CANADA  – The above were the infamous words spoken by newly-appointed Commissioner of. It’s been eight years since that statement was uttered and a generation is almost expiring with no interest in the game. Maybe the next decade of youths will grow onto this once great sport.

MLB has done very little to promote the game in its very own backyard, the United States of America. It has a handful of young talent that eventually will achieve milestones, but unless one lives in the city where that player is performing. then let me just say that said player is unknown to the casual fan.

MLB  does a great job in promoting Shohei Ohtani, a Japanese product who plays for the Los Angeles Angels. They’re doing more to ensure that the upcoming free-agent will set a new standard in salary by comparing him to Babe Ruth, an American who was by far the greatest player in the history of the league. While Ruth is being treated as a hero of John Q. Fan’s great-grandfather, let’s talk about a shortstop in Toronto.

Bo Bichette of the Blue Jays is currently leading the league in hits. As a matter of fact this Boy Wonder was the hit leader in 2022 and 2021. But who knew? It took less than three years for this straight-out-of-high school Floridian to make it to the big leagues. And all he’s done is hit, hit and hit. To say he is a modern day Pete Rose may be misleading, but now in his fifth season, Unkown Bo is actually putting up better numbers than The Hit King.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

Why isn’t MLB promoting Bichette to America?

He was the 66th overall player chosen during the 2nd round in the 2016 draft. A draft that makes one scratch their heads, when you see the names before him. This guy plays every game as though it’s game 7. He’s made the All-Star team just once. He doesn’t forget where he came from, either, as he outfits his alma mater Lakewood H.S. with fashionable footwear. His Spartans coach Jayce Ganchou, glows at the mention of his name, and Bo’s parents, Mariana and Dante, are as humble as they come.

Maybe it’s hereditary that Bo hasn’t blown up. His dad starred for the Colorado Rockies and put up close to Triple Crown numbers in 1995, when he should have been the National League’s MVP. The rap he had then was Coors Field was a hitters paradise. The truth is that Dante had better stats on the road.

You wanna talk more numbers? Let’s compare Bo’s salary to San Diego Padres steroid cheat Fernando Tatis Jr. Nah! Let’s not go there. Eventually, Bo will get his due. In the meantime he’ll just produce game after game as Bo does Bo!

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