ANALyzing the 2023 Yankees: Wake Up HAL!!!

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BRONX, NY – Throughout the Steinbrenner Era, which began in 1973, the owner of the New York Yankees took it upon himself to fix his ball club when things didn’t work out. The Boss, also known as George M. Steinbrenner, would occasionally mess things up when he would take it upon himself to fix his team. Other times, he would deliver a championship trophy to the Bronx.

Steinbrenner’s line of being an absentee owner when he purchased the franchise was one of baseball’s purist bullsh!t statements. His meddling, however, led to seven championships during his tenure.

His offspring have had a hand in one championship. The one in 2009. Their dad watched from a distance as Father Time caught up to the old man. Hank and Hal offered hope of more championships to come, but the mix of free agent signees wasn’t quite right. The so-called baseball men they surrounded themselves with were even worse. A bunch of Yankee Yes-Men who would agree to everything – even though they disagreed.

Hank’s sudden death in 2020 left Hal all alone to deal with this great franchise. This was a Steinbrenner-led franchise in which the owners weren’t scared to say what they felt; George calling Hideki Irabua fat toad,” or Hank calling out Derek Jeter for building mansions.

Hal failed to acquire the gene of telling it like it is. What he needs to do is go to the Public Library on 42nd Street and pull up the news clips of his daddy’s meddling. Maybe then he’ll see where/how the nickname “The Boss” developed.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

Picture The Boss hiring an independent company to evaluate his underachieving team. Picture The Boss letting ANALytics run his team into a fifth place finish. Once Hal sees all this, one last vision should be this: The Boss letting his General Manager hire his own manager, and adding a bunch of weasels to the payroll.

In this Woke Nation that has pulled the wool over society’s eyes, Hal needs to wake the f*ck up and realize what someone very close to him once reminded him, “You Hal Steinbrenner, are the Co-Chairperson of the N.Y. Yankees.”

That’s three strikes. I’m out. Comment below and come back tomorrow for Junoir Blaber, who voluntarily moved to Buffalo.

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