Delusional A-Rod’s Wish… Alex Rodriguez Won’t Go Away

WHITESTONE, NY – Fox commentator Alex Rodriguez stated on a podcast show that he wished the NY Yankees would eventually retire his number 13. I wish I can win the lotto. He also stated that he couldn’t stand the sight of seeing ex-Yankee Joey Gallo wearing the number 13. I can’t stand watching A-Rod after each playoff game on my television.

His orange spray-on tan has crept into his pores and seems to have affected his brain if he thinks the Yankees are going to retire his 13. TO BE CLEAR: A-Rod is in a delusional state of mind, with thoughts of being inducted into any Hall of Fame. His forced laughs and smiles towards his two HOF co-hosts, along with his serious looking mug when David Ortiz and Derek Jeter speak, are as fake as his statements of never using steroids to interviewer Katie Couric on 60 Minutes back in 2007.

Poor Alex is desperately looking for love from the general public and he almost achieved it with his so-called relationship with Jennifer Lopez… until he dropped the ball. To cut him some slack he did score some points with his view of ANALytics. His verbal rants of keeping geeks out of the dugout has won him over with the baseball purists. Then he gives them away with his wishes of being welcomed into Monument Park.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

Does poor Alex realize that he was also a Seattle Mariner? He starred for them but has yet to have his number 3 retired by them. Did he forget his MVP years with the Texas Rangers, who also recycled his number 3 numerous times since he’s been gone? Is he in denial of the fact that the Yankees put him on waivers? This was with another year left on his mega-contract, denying him a chance to hit 700 home runs – even though he was only four shy.

Finally, let’s not let MLB off the hook. Is it fair to ask why Alex Rodriguez working for Fox and ESPN on their baseball broadcasts? Yes. This is the the same dude that was suspended for over a season for steroids, pointed fingers at other users and threatened a lawsuit against the league. I guess America’s Pastime is going the way of America, by ignoring the facts.

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