Sports Rain Man: NFL Round-Up, Bills v Bucs, Jets v Giants and Football Sunday

NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Frogging Monday! This week we will celebrate All Hallows Eve and now Day of the Dead. My Fantasy Football team suffered a shock defeat that last week that had me screaming in horror and this week is not looking good so far. Anyway, here are the topics for today: NFL Round-Up, Bills v Bucs, Jets v Giants & Sports Sunday.

NFL Round-up

The Thursday night game was the Bills, so I will cover that in my next paragraph. In a game of 2023 first round QB picks, Brice Young’s Carolina Panthers just edged out CJ Stroud’s Houston Texans… The Cowboys routed the Rams, Angry Ward’s Vikings defeated the Packers but QB Kurt Cousins will be lost for the season with a torn Achilles… The Saints had too much firepower for the Colts and the Dolphins track team was too fast for the Patriots… The Jags won in the rain against the Steelers, while Will Levis had a successful debut for the Titans, as they beat the Falcons… The Eagles beat the Commanders in a shoot-out, while the Seahawks had enough to defeat the Browns… The Ravens got back to winning ways against the tanking Cardinals, while the Broncos surprised everyone by shutting down the Chiefs attack on the way to a comfortable win… The Bengals got above .500 as their high-flying attack got back into its groove against the 49ers. while the LA Chargers asked more questions than the Bears defense could answer.

Junior Blaber

Buccaneers v Bills

These Bills seem to be benefiting from refs putting away their whistles on the final play. Just to backtrack a bit, the Bills play in Orchard Park (yet they attack the Jets for not playing in NYC, while Buffalo has a tenth of the density). As a result the Thursday night game, the schools in the area had a half day to avoid traffic incidents. As for the game, the Bills blew hot and cold but were the dominant side for most of the game. It looked like they were going to take the home field advantage and roll the Bucs. Then, with two touchdowns late in the 4th quarter, the Bucs scored late and got the ball back with enough time to score again. The Bills defense played tough and force a Hail Mary on the final play… and that was where the drama was. Mike Evans didn’t get his head around in time to catch the ball but there was a massive clash of bodies as the defenders slammed into the receivers and the refs swallowed their whistle as the ball hit the ground and game was over.

Jets v Giants

I want to say that if this game was an animal, it would get shot on the racetrack like a horse at the Aqueduct Raceway. The injuries were crazy, as the Jets lost both centers and called up their practice squad guard to play center. Meanwhile, the Giants lost Tyrod Taylor and had to turn to Tommy DeVito who never threw a pass until the overtime. The Giants kicker, Graham Gano, must be hurt but he may be looking for work – after missing the kick that would ice the game. The Jets took four plays and with a second left kicked the game-winner. Then won it on a kick in OT. The Jets offense better get it together because that was not good enough, not nearly good enough.

Football Sunday

I watched 3 different kinds of football today. Football, aka Soccer, American Football aka throwball, and Rugby Union Football. aka Rugby. My Manchester United Red Devils and New York Red Bulls disappointed in soccer. My Jets barely avoided breaking my heart and in rugby, I was a neutral for the Rugby World Cup Final, so could enjoy it.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for Big Ben Whitney – who will be downright gloomy after the big Big Blue loss.

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