Big Ben: Giants Draft Mistake, Wilson Pined, Deonte Banks Rant,Davonte Adams

Davante Adams and Joe Jonas... Destiny?

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – So, the Giants won one and hurt their chances of a top draft pick. Idiots! But it was briefly nice to see that on the winning side. Another disastrous performance by the Jets offense led to the inevitable benching of Zach Wilson. Both teams have been hampered by downright offensive offensive lines. This just in, those are important. I might also discuss the fun post-game rant by Deonte Banks. It was good to see a Giants player talking trash. It’s been a while.

In my view, the Giants’ win is more evidence that they need to quickly and unceremoniously move on from Danny Jones. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Tommy DeVito is good. But the bro was under constant pressure, was sacked nine times by a team that just traded its two best pass rushers, and he still made some big plays when they were there. Jones was not doing that at all. He’s just too quick to check it down or run.

If I’m Schoen, I am positioning the team to draft a QB. Other top resources need to be directed to fixing the offensive line.

The worst part about the Jets’ ineptitude is that it likely puts the kibosh on a Rodgers return this season. That could have been fun. But the Jets would be nutso to bring him back with this group unless they go on a miraculous run led by Tim Boyle. Hmm, seems unlikely.

On the bright side, there is heavy talk of Davonte Adams coming to the Jets next season. The David Carr/Devonte Adams reunion was about as successful as Taylor Swift and Jon Mayer. Or Taylor Lautner. Or Joe Jonas. You get it. But it sure would be fun to have both those guys in town next year. They also need to fix the damn OL or they both might retire.

Why can’t the Giants or Jets field a decent offensive line? Can we get a project manager to take this on? One stop, two projects. Big Johnson and Mara money.

Speaking of O-lines, the 49ers are looking good again and it’s no coincidence that their losing streak coincided with Trent Williams being out. With Trent, Brock Purdy and Christian McCaffrey have looked like MVP candidates. Without him, the team lost three straight (including the Cleveland game when he got hurt early). If ge stays healthy, the Niners could win it all.

O-line is probably the most important position group after QB. Then D-line.

I enjoyed Deonte Banks’s comments after the win over the Commanders. He’s apparently pretty pissed off that his home town team didn’t draft him. Banks grew up in Maryland and played college football at the University of Maryland.

“They could’ve came and got me at [pick] 16, and they didn’t. Now I’m 2-0 against you bum-ass boys. F–k the Commanders. They think they slick. They gonna see me two times a year until the end of my career. Shoulda came and got me.”

Ben Whitney

My first reaction was Bum Ass Boys would be a better name than Commanders. Then I thought, “ease up, you’re 3 and 8.” But on the other hand, cornerbacks need to be a little cocky. Banks has had an inconsistent rookie season but he’s coming on and looks like he can be the team’s top corner. So chirp away, pal. At least he didn’t get burned for an 81-yard TD by a team’s number three receiver, like Sauce Gardner.

That’s all folks.

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