Sports Rain Man: NFL Round-Up, Bills vs Cincy, Giants Apocalypse

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NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Monday! Despite the guy I am playing in Fantasy football starting two guys who were on a bye and an injured kicker, we are tied. My hope rides on my Jets defense getting me 11 points to win. My buddy had four players average 25 points. I wasn’t so lucky. Anyway today’s topics are NFL Round-Up, Bills v Cincy, Giants Apocalypse
NFL Round-Up
The Steelers beat a valiant Titans team, while the Chiefs fended off the Dolphins in the back-for-more-cash-in-Europe game… Josh Dobbs hadn’t had a proper practice with Angry Ward’s Vikings but still led them to a comeback win against the Falcons… The Ravens stomped the Seahawks… The Cardinals QB threw for 58 yards in as they were shutout and shutdown by the Browns… The Rams offense was also toothless without Matt Stafford, as Jordan Love looked great for the Packers in their win… The Texans won a shootout against the Buccaneers, where they had to use a back-up running back as their kicker… The Commanders did enough to hold off the Patriots, while the Saints struggled surprisingly to beat Da Bears… The Colts had no problem with the Panthers , while the Eagles and Cowboys had an instant classic of a game that went to the Birds.
Giants Apocalypse
I didn’t know that Antonio Pierce had become the Raiders head coach. I actually don’t know why but apparently the Raiders had a Night of the Long Swords midweek at the behest of the NFL owner with the worst haircut. The Giants looked to have a chance with Dan Jones returning, but he went down with an injury. Cue Tommy DeVito. As you can imagine, the Giants offense went nowhere. The Vegas attack was led by their backup QB, Aidan O’Connell, but he is a QB2 – not a QB3 like DeVito.It was brutal watching and I don’t blame any Giants fan for turning off the TV after Devito went in. DeVito did manage a forward pass completion and a touchdown but it was in Garbage Time as they were losing 30-0 by that time.
Bills vs Cincy
Junior Blaber

Last time these two played was the Darmar Hamlin heart attack game last year. Thankfully nothing that wild – or sad- happened this time. What did happen is that the Bills offensive struggles persist. Their offense is not horrible but it is not as formidable as it was last season. It also has fallen short of being able to keep pace with teams with solid offenses. Combine this with a Matt Milano-less defense – and they just lack that edge. Meanwhile, Cincinnati is starting to find its groove. They lost 3 of their first 4 games but had won two in a row. The offense was back to being the triple threat of Burrow, Chase and Dixon again. The Bills got on the board early but didn’t score again until late. By then the defense was way too tired to get the must-stop against the Bengals, as they cruised to the win.

Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from Ben Whitney., whose aforementioned Giants will have him talking hockey
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