Angry Ward Wednesday: Mendoza, Movies, and Other End of Month Mayhem

NEW YORK, NY – Welcome back to another thrilling episode of Angry Ward Wednesday. There’s really nothing much happening in sports right now, so I’m just going talk about whatever pops into my mind and, hopefully, somehow include some sort of sports angle no matter the topic. Let’s start it off right.

Carlos Mendoza. This is the name of the new Mets manager. It will take me months to remember it, I promise you. I think I can remember the last name perhaps, simply because Arnold Schwarzenegger knock-off character McBain on The Simpsons screamed out Mendoooozaaa!!! in one hilarious early episode (haven’t watched new episodes of that show in over 20 years). Anyway, Carlos Mendoza came over from the Yankees (blecch!) and recently said he learned a LOT from Aaron Boone (just threw up in my mouth a little). So, I’m totally expecting a season full o’ brain farts, high gruesomes, and hilariously bad post-game pressers. When you’re in the entertainment business (as so many athletes claim) who cares about winning? Just be entertaining. I’m guessing, one way or another, the 2024 Mets will be.

Movies to Finish Out February. You know the drill, this month is a horror show and we’ve got like nine days left to kill. So, why not watch some movies. For starters, anything with snow in it that isn’t a Christmas movie should qualify. So, naturally, Hot Dog: The Movie tops the list. It’s also the perfect time for Slap Shot, Goon, Miracle, or any other hockey movie. You might not consider billiards a sport (Oscar Madison would disagree) but The Color of Money is a good February kinda movie, and it won Paul Newman his only Best Actor Oscar, which is criminal. He absolutely should have won for The Verdict, which is yet another cold-weather gem to add to this list. Heck, let’s go for the Newman hat trick with Nobody’s Fool, filmed up in Beacon, NY. How about we close this graph with John Carpenter’s take on The Thing? Hard to think of a movie that better captures the icy horror and resignation of February.

One Sentence on NBA All Star Weekend. I’m convinced that Charles Barkley wishing Draymond Green “good luck in the play-in,” had to be better than anything that happened on the court.

Because you really can’t make this month any worse than it already is, here’s the opening credits sequence for The Ropers. How this obviously amazing spinoff didn’t make it is beyond me, as well as most television historians.

Okay, hard to top that, so I won’t even try. Come back tomorrow for Buddy Diaz, who was a big fan of Joanie Loves Chachi.

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