Sports Rain Man: Wounded Knicks Beat Cavs, NFL Combine, RIP Mort
Willis would be proud of these Knicks!

NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Monday! It is the first week of March. Last week, felt like two with one car crapping out and a ton of work all happening at the same time. I want to apologize for my list this week as I decided to leave Caitlin Clark passing Pistol Pete’s scoring record on the cutting room floor. I felt stronger in the other three topics for today.  Here are the topics for today: Rangers Trades, Mets Spring Training and Knicks Rotation.

Wounded Knicks Beat Cavs

This was a big win for the Knicks. The Cleveland Cavs for some reason are second in the Eastern Conference. I mean its no disrespect as they played well last season and are playing well this season even with their best player, Donovan Mitchell missing but off the top your head, you would view Milwaukee, NY and Miami as better then them, maybe even Indiana. In today’s game, star PG Jalen Brunson hurt his knee in the first minute. It was weird that the ref didn’t blow his whistle sooner for a dead ball. Brunson needed help limping off and he joined 3 other Knick starters to be hurt and unavailable. Despite that, the Knicks fought on as Josh Hart, got a triple double, backup PG Deuce McBride played 47 minutes and scored 16 points. Bojan Bogandonavich also chipped in as well the Big Ragu Dante D’Vincenzo was his consistent sharpshooting. I don’t know if Tom Thibodeau, is the coach to take the Knicks to the title but he deserves a lot of credit for changing the Kicks culture. The Knicks are more resilient than we have ever seen. There is a true next man up belief and there is a lot of willingness to help out each other. All of that showed in the win today and it may be really tested as it looks like Brunson will be out for a bit.

NFL Combine

I mock the NFL combine because it kind of doesn’t matter for the first round draft picks. They show up for photos and the Wonderlic and interviews but they don’t do the whole running, jumping, lifting thing. It is the lower round draft picks trying to get on the draft boards or maybe even get the free agent rookie tag. The NFL network has done their work in trying to talk up the McCaffrey family a narrative. However, you had things like Jerry Rice being a tough critic on his son Brendon. Tennessee QB Joe Mixon throwing 70 yard bombs with the greatest of ease. It has its funny moments like timing Offensive lineman running a 40 meter dash like it matters. A player set a new record for the 40 yard dash which the NFL for some ungodly reason thought it was a great time to compare to World Sprinting legend Usain Bolt. All in all it was stuff watching on a twitter highlights level but it seemed like good fun.

RIP Mort

Junior Blaber

RIP to Chris Mortensen. Legend, an absolute legend on ESPN’s NFL coverage and easily the most likeable NFL insider. I think Mort straddled the line well of being a nerd and he also moved on from there to be the guy that could question top level administration of a team and ask them why did they make a decision. Not all NFL guys have that ability, to do that much to get a story out. Mort knew how to let the story fly and not look right for the inside man.

Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from the aforementioned Big Ben Whitney.

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