Missing The Baby Boss: Hank Steinbrenner, Donny Osmond & Gerrit Cole

BRONX, NY – It’s been four years since the death of my homie Hank Steinbrenner… and he is truly missed. Since his passing, the Yankee franchise has become a clueless collaboration of Who’s the Boss? A bunch of egotistic lunatics have stepped over each other and gotten inside the ears of brother Hal. Somebody needs to keep reminding Hal that the title of Co-Chairperson of the New York Yankees is his. He needs to look above the clouds and spiritually search for guidance from his dad George and his big brother Hank, who are probably too disappointed at what the Yankees have become.

I miss the late night phone calls from my homie, who would get pounded by my brutally honest opinions on life and his sorry team. I would have given him a handful for his proud signee, Gerrit Cole. Yes, he won the 2023 Cy Young Award, but seriously now, look at what he competed against. Sonny Gray and his 8-8 record, along with Kevin Gausman – who was 12-9. As for Cole’s so called dominance being compared to Ron Guidry’s 1978 dominance is like comparing Michael Jackson to Donny Osmond.

Hank would get a kick out of my views and comparisons to a point where I had to bob and weave his oncoming punches. He would always be reminded that April 2nd was the day he was born. I would throw him a party that Pee-Wee Herman and Biz Markie would appreciate, as he would get a kick out of the many gifts I would bestow on him.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

I miss giving him migraine headaches on his Jacoby Ellsbury signing and Giancarlo Stanton acquisition. What I really miss are his swings and misses against my slider, which he would refer to as that damn flipper pitch.

R.I.P., Homie, you are truly missed by me.

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