Sports Rain Man: Rangers Are Done, Protecting Caitlan Clark & Finals Without Your Team

NIAGARA FALLS, NY Happy Monday! Its the first Monday of June. I am not talking about the Mets this week cause I can’t be bothered. Not much has changed and I need a break from their depressing play. Anyway, let’s look at today’s menu: Rangers Are Done, Protecting Caitlan Clark & Finals Without Your Team.

Rangers Are Done

The Rangers are going home after losing game 6 to the Florida Panthers. I was positive after defeating the Carolina Hurricanes, the Blueshirts were definitely gonna make the Stanley Cup Finals. However, the Panthers presented a very different challenge for the Rangers. The Panthers were built just like the Rangers in terms of ability to grind out victories. The Panthers won game 1, 1-0, then the next three games all went into OT, with the series tied going back to NY for Game 5. Games 5 and 6 followed a similar formula – in my eyes – of the Rangers make a mistake on defense, on not following the cutter going towards goal, and poor turnovers. They managed to score a goal once they emptied the net but that highlights what really let them down and it was the power play. In a series like this, you have to take advantage of your opportunities when they come up. I am not throwing him under the bus but just as Alexis Lafreniere came to the forefront, Artemi Panarin vanished late versus Carolina, and against Florida. I don’t know what re-tooling the Rangers need. This was such a tight series that you can’t really say the Rangers need to add anything exactly. I am sure they will but it really comes down to performance. Maybe change up the 3rd defensive pairing and the 3rd and 4th line with a veteran that has won it all before.

Protecting Caitlan Caitlin Clark  

I am not saying she needs MJ or Messi level protection. However, seeing the hard fouls she has taken has me concerned. Clark, Angel Reese, Kamilla Cardoso, Cameron Brink are the rookie stars of this league. I know the veterans don’t want to be upstaged. Yes, the players are key to the future of the league, along with Sabrina Ionesu and Breanna Stewart of the NY Liberty. However, competitive players are competitive players and they won’t rollout the red carpet for Clark or her cohorts. We have seen hard fouls to Reese and Clark – and it has to stop. Those two alone possesses the ability to be the Bird vs Magic of this league. To get there, though, the hard fouls that they are taking are not safe for them or the league. The WNBA reffing has to get better in general but also has to protect the star players of today and of the future.

Junior Blaber

Finals Without Your Team

With the Rangers eliminated, hockey season is over for me. Similar to NBA playoffs without the Knicks. I don’t know if it’s just me that does this. I have not watched the full highlights of any NBA games since the Knicks elimination, I am not gonna watch any of the finals. My hockey season is also done now that the Rangers failed me. I will root for Edmonton and Connor McJesus McDavid. It will be nice to see a Canadian team win the cup but I will not be watching the game or any highlights… The Mets are tempting me but I usually wait until later in the year for them, and there is absolutely no hope of a miracle run… I do the same for my Jets. Yes, even after Aaron Rodgers went down last season, I held out hope until they it became clear that playoffs were out of reach.

Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from the Ben Whitney, who will be kissing Aaron Judge’s a##.

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