Grinding Ax Friday: Big Balls, Ranger Falls, LaVar Ball, Romo vs Cutler


NOTE: Different Matt was out past curfew Thursday night and “went golfing” yesterday. A “migraine” and miscommunication had him AWOL at MTM HQ, so Grinding Ax Walter Hynes took the ball on no rest, after flying in from Des Moines.

MTM Fan Club

FREEHOLD, NJ – Are you a serious baller? If you think you are or aspire to be, then you need to drop $495 on the table and pick up a pair of  Zo2’s. With all the basketball gibberish on this site, I feel compelled to grind my axe on LaVar Ball bald head. You know he would fit right in with another delusional chrome dome from the MTM Management. Sign him up to share his farcical rants with our band of droll readers.

Regarding the brand that the family has created, the name Is complete genius and apropo. Big Baller Brand projects their sales to eclipse the iconic Jordan Brand. After all, Lonzo Ball is a legend in the minds of the Ball Family. Let’s forget about the way he was schooled by Kentucky’s DeAaron Fox who dropped 39 on the baller and his mates. That was obviously luck.  Everyone who has a trace of intelligence in basketballology knows that Lonzo and his BIG BALLS are going to save the Los Angeles Lakers. Singlehandedly!  Do you want to elevate your game? Cannot afford to lace up these magical sneaks? Well, you are a loser! Just ask LeVar Ball.

My prediction? Lonzo Ball will be the next Trajan Langdon. The inflated egos in his camp will backfire and he will be selling the kicks for $49 bucks in Kohl’s  by 2019.

Coming to a Kohls near you.

Have the New York Rangers Jumped the Shark? 

In every failed run at the Stanley Cup, there are some positives that we can take from the season. Face it, fans up in Socialized Medicine Land have suffered longer in recent history. Philadelphia Cryer fans have not seen a Cup raised in forty years.

Potvin Sucks! 

The positives that I can take from this year include the potential of some young players such as Jimmy Vesey, Oscar Lindberg, JT Miller – along with Mika ” The Shah” Zibanejad and Jesper Fast. This complimented consistent play from Ryan McDonagh, Mats Zuccarello and Michael Grabner. I’m disappointed in the defense of Marc Staal, Dan Girardi and Kevin Klein, though. They showed mental lapses that led to timely goals for opponents. Rick Nash wins the award for Playoff Goat… again! Granted, he teased us with a few goals but disappeared once again when games were on the line.  Management needs to trade him to a team that desperately needs offense.

My last suggestion will not sit well with many. It’s time to send King Henrik Lundqvist to the bench or out of town. Antti Raanta showed that he can play. He performed well in thirty games with better save and goals against stats than the king. He is also seven years  younger. It’s simply time.

This weeks poll: Who will be the better color commentator, Cutler or Romo?

Chime in with your sentiments and come back tomorrow for MTM’s King of Ghana, Junoir Blaber… or West Coast Craig… or Cam James. And check us out on Twitter @MeetTheMatts, @GrindingAxWalt, @Matt_McCarthy00 & Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

Happy Mother’s Dayto all moms. 

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“Grinding Ax” Walter Hynes (GAW) comes from the same Sports Royalty bloodlines as Short Matt… He’s heaving hatchets off the heads of any deserving Sports Personalities… His favorite teams are the NY Rangers, Detroit Tigers, Dallas Cowboys, NY Jets and Manchester United… A suburban husband and father of two, Walter understands what it takes to be a second-guessing, sideline-heckling parent and coach.

  • Lundquist’s eyes do pop in those #Mets colors… They do. A little bit. However, the need is not in personnel on the ice – it’s the coach. Viggy’s pairings and moves were noticed as glaring by even the likes of a Cheesy Bruin. That’s saying a lot. No offence, Fromage. They need a coach that won a cup, other than Torts. Return of Mike Keenan?

    Meanwhile, Humble Harvey is on the hill tonight in Bud Zelig country. Pivotal game in his career and Mets season? You bet.

    • GrindingAx

      It’s definitely the personnel on the ice. They need to compliment McDonagh with some big body defensemen.
      The Mets window has closed and Casey Stengel part II needs to retire.

      • Cheesybruin

        Zdeno Chara wants to play beyond the year left (at only $4M) on his current contract. He’s a physical freak and might look good for the Rangers as a second or third pair defenseman.

    • Cheesybruin

      I am this site’s version of Stan Fischler! Let’s not lose sight of that or the fact that I’m as good as 60% or better picking NFL games. You may not ever like my logic but I’m a proven…wait for it…WINNER!

  • LaVar02

    Your way off on Ball. He will make a huge impact on the NBA.

  • Buddy Diaz

    Lavar ball is another sh*thead who is famous for being a Sh*thead. From one of greatest sh*theads ever Don King… “only in America!”

    • GrindingAx

      That is well said….Swish!

      • Dude

        you guys are clearly not big ballers. watch this idiot end up on the knicks

        • GrindingAx

          You know they are magnets for underperforming a holes

  • benwhit

    Nash has 1 year left at $8m. What could you get for him? He wasn’t the problem. He’s one of their best two way players. But man, if he was just a little quicker on the game 2 misplay by Anderson in OT…

    The main culprits (and too much cap killing $$$) play on D.

    But yeah, it’s getting hard to see it happening for Hank. His contract is unmovable though.

    • GrindingAx

      I think there are buyers for both Henrik and Nash.

      • benwhit

        I didn’t say there wouldn’t be takers for Nash, I just can’t see them getting much. Maybe at the trade deadline if a team is desperate.
        No way is there a taker for Henrik. He’s a declining goalie coming off an inconsistent year who would take up about 12% of your salary cap for 3 more years until he’s 38.

        • GrindingAx

          Eddie Belfour, Chris Osgood, Tim Thomas…..

          • benwhit

            No way. Maybe a team would roll the dice if he had a year left, but no one is gonna take on $24 million after the mediocre year he had.

          • GrindingAx

            Devils, Flyers to name a couple in this region.

          • Junoir Blaber

            Great effort on no rest Walt. I have been saying that Henrik is the best of his generation but due to poor help around him, he will end with no cups.

            AV has to go. His handling of the D late in games was atrocious. Skeji and Smith should have got max minutes in the 3rd period. We are locked into Nash so it is what it is. But we must protect Raanta in the expansion draft, he is the future.

          • GrindingAx

            Coaches lose their jobs by trusting some of “their guys” in crucial situations. Rangers need to let the younger guys have more ice time, for sure, Junoir.

          • benwhit

            The Devils? Come on man. No chance.

          • Cheesybruin

            It’s a very short list Walt! Would the Rangers protect Raanta in the expansion draft?

          • GrindingAx

            They should put him in goal, Cheese. Dominic Hazic, Patrick Roy are others who succeeded later in their careers.

          • benwhit

            They can’t. Hank has a no movement clause so he must be protected. You can only protect one goaltender.

  • Dude

    girardi and in particular staal are the problems with the rangers roster. no movement clauses and too many years left on their deals. other problem is AV insisted on playing them over smith and skei. Kreider needs to get his head together and play like he did in third period of game 6 every shift. he missed waaaaaay too many gimmees this post season. Stepan is also in need of an upgrade. not holding my breath for any of it. they’ll have to give up a useful player

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