Red Hot Mets Romp At Wrigley But Pete Alonso Is Story


NEW YORK, NY – With the sizzle back in the step of the blazing New York Mets, there is little else to discuss, really. Sure, David Ortiz is out of intensive care, the latest Texan iteration of Juan Gonzalez hit a 505 foot bomb, but coming off a 2-game declawing of the midwest bears called the Chicago Cubs, it’s time to talk about the most Amazin’ Major League Team poised for a playoff run… or maybe just the one decent thing about another disappointing season.

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No matter how much the National League entry in Flushing, Queens continues to tease and crush Mets fans hopes, this kid gives us something to cheer about.

The denizens of Wrigley Field got a dose of the Rookie of the Year front-runner’s pop in the first inning yesterday, when he started the 10-2 romp with solo shot into the wind – to right center. That’s going the other way for you folks at home that don’t know he’s a righty.

The stats only tell part of the story, but it’s a good part.  A Batting Average of .274, 26 Dingers, and 60 RBI (for a moribund offensive team). Sure, 84 Ks is not optimal but contact hitter Michael “Hot Mom” Conforto has 68 Ks and he’s had 33 fewer ABs, due to injury.

The other part of the story is that he’s a refreshingly positive player. He hustles. He dives. He runs out ground balls. And he’s just a little be goofy, in charming and fun way. Like a puppy just before it becomes a dog. But this dog has bite as big as its bark. And he’s recently raised his average after scuffling a bit as the league realizes the guy is for real.

But for this fan who is used to flash-in-the-pans and retreads in comparison to Peter Morgan Alonso, the Magic Is Real.

P.s… 26 HRs has this pundit thinking of #26 David Arthur “Sky King” Kingman.

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