2013: Worst Yankee Team Ever

Worst Yankee Team?

TAMPA, FLORIDA – In the budding spring of 2013, I can’t help but feel like this will be the year the Bronx Bombers finally embarrass themselves with a losing season.. the first since 1992. In fact, I am calling it right now: The New York Yankees will have a losing season. I’d like to say they will be the Worst Yankee Team Ever, but I won’t. Realistically, this year is going to play out like 1989

In 1989, the season started by finding out that Dave Winfield was done for the season with a back injury. Fast forward to 2013. Who isn’t injured? There isn’t enough deer antler spray in circulation to cute the ills of Granderson, Tex, A-Roid and A-Roids muscle hookers.

Furthermore in 1989 the Blue Jays walked away with the division and this year that is a distinct possibility. Towards the end of that year, the administration did the unthinkable and traded away their only valuable pieces in Al Leiter and gulp…. Wait for it…. Ricky Henderson. To follow suit, this year that would mean that you can say goodbye to good old Robbie Cano. Cashman will be a cash-man on the player he basically heralded as the greatest player he has ever made a decision on – that’s what GMs do. Beyond that you might as well trade guys like Brett Gardner, Eduardo Nunez and any other player that someone else might want.

Bluejays Fans then and now MeetTheMatts
Blue Jays Fans: 1989 & Now.

Now I am really going for itJoe Girardi looks like Bucky Dent. Everything about this team screams failure and I for one, thoroughly enjoy it. That said, I don’t want the Yankees raiding my Cardinals for leadership –  like they did the last time they stunk. That’s right. Joe Torre was the manager of the Red Birds first. I guess we should have kept him.

At least Cashman won’t get caught for hiring a private investigator to look into anything A-Roid is doing, like Steinbrenner with Howie Spira about Dave Winfield. This isn’t because Cashman wouldn’t do it  – he might –  but he doesn’t want to be seen getting an A-Roid gift-basket the next morning.

A-Rod and Tex hurt Meet_The_Matts

Stay tuned for a Yankee fan that can’t accept the truth I speak, Different Matt (the new Pope), tomorrow.

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