Basic Fan Questions for the Smart Sports Fan

KateUpton_SI-2013NEW YORK, NY – With Different Matt so grief-stricken over the Rangers losing to our nation’s Capitals last night, that he forgot about his column, we’re counting on you to help us out, today. How? By answering these basic Fan Questions:

If you were Mark Sanchez, would you play Pinch N Tickle with Sophia Vergara or Kate Upton?

If the Nets lose to the Bulls, should P.J. Carlesimo get fired?

How much do you hate the Cowboys?

If the Rangers lose to the Caps should John Tortorella get fired?

If you were Rex Ryan, who would your Jets QB be?

Name 5 Islanders.

Who is th Blackhawks goalie?


Should Tim Tebow reinvent himself as a WWF villain?

me met sysphusShould Soccer have checking?

Is Golf a sport?

Is Phil Mickleson really a professional athlete?

Is the “Wild” the dumbest team name in sports?

If we’ve evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

Will Alex Rodriguez make the Hall of Fame?

Cheesy Bruins-ComputerWhy is it that every Mets GM since Frank Cashen seems like Sisyphus.

Do you know a sports pundit that wants to write “for the love of the game” here on MTM?

That’s it… We’ll be running your answers through Cheesy Bruin’s Wang and prevaricate the results…

Tune in tomorrow for the heavenly ramblings of Preacher’s Row.

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