Cookie’s Corner: Tough Cookies of Spring Sports

J.A. HappSPRINGLANDIA, CT – Is it ME, or is everything suddenly GREEN? Spring has sprung and I’m SO excited about it. And there are a few other people who may or may not be excited this week…and they are all TOUGH COOKIES.  Let’s take a look:

The Cleveland Three: The incredible story of the week, the three women who were held captive for nearly a decade by a man in Cleveland, Ohio. And rather than rehash the incredible and horrific details of this story (which we already know), let’s just acknowledge the fact that these three are something to endure what they’ve endured. Really, they’re only second to the guy who saved them, Charles Ramsey. And let’s not forget what a tough cookie he is either. It’s something to stop yourself midway thru a McDonald’s meal.. for ANYTHING.  (Just TRY to stop me while eating some McD’s fries and a shake. Forget about it.)

HAPPy to Be Alive: In a spring that has given us the sight (and sound) of the GRUESOME leg snapping injury of Kevin Ware, we thought this scariness might be behind us. Alas, the other day, Toronto Blue Jays pitcher, J.A. Happ was fwapped in the head with a line drive, collapsing on the field… silencing everyone to prayers that he wasn’t fatally injured. The thirty-year old suffered a skull fracture, behind the ear which doctors believe will heal just fine. That’s one hard head and a tough cookie.

LiLo Is Crashed Up: This week, our favorite celeb tough cookie, Lindsay Lohan was shuttled off to the Betty Ford Clinic after a judge ordered her there, deeming a previous rehab facility unacceptable (read: Club Fed for Druggies). I’m thinking she serves her sixty-days, comes out… shows up at the premiere of ‘The Canyons’ (don’t forget.. Meet the Matts Movie Field Trip!) and then smacks up a Porsche and is found in a dark corner of a club, reunited with Samantha Ronson, getting jiggy with it.

Speaking of Blue…  My and Diff’s NY Rangers came back from a 2-0 series deficit to even things up.

Way to hang in there guys! Here’s to hoping for a good game tonight, good use of any power plays, and reading a headline that the Rangers win tomorrow AM. Get it done you boys.

And FINALLY… speaking of BLUE: It’s an old story.. but if you’re like me and haven’t heard it before, it’s new to you! The ultimate in tough cookie…I’ll let the picture with the headlines speak for itself.

And with that… this tough Cookie is outta here. Come on back tomorrow for the sweet stuff of Preacher Collins.

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