U.S. Open & Tiger Woods Most Exciting Thing In Sports?

Tiger Woods before and after Meet_The_Matts
ARDMORE, PA – Fresh off the the second leg of the Triple Crown and the more importantly the Pimlico Potty Run, yours truly is frolicking with a lusting fervor for another libation-filled excuse for a sporting event.

As I scan the horizon for such a debacle, I am left wanton for for something more titillating than a Mets day game and a lackluster Rangers vs Bruins Game 4. Beyond the reach of the New York rags, the Heat vs Pacers series somewhat registers on my radar solely for the reason that I would love to see Tyler Hansbrough (from Poplar Bluff, MO) be the only Missourian to my knowledge to have the chance to have Lebron James’ cajones thrust into his face while he gets dunked on. I’m not sure if this is an honor but it surely is a distinction.

potty run
Meet The Matts version of Pimlico Potty Run
Tyler Hansbrough
Cam’s hick idol gets balls in face.

Let’s face it….. The NBA PLAYOFFS SUCK. The NHL playoffs are increasingly mundane – unless you are a true believer like our beloved Short Matt, who emphatically said Rangers will win 4 straight, shortly after Tuesday’s late game meltdown.

The lone event on the horizon that has me truly giddy like a school girl is the U.S. Open golf tourney. I am excited for Tiger Woods to make his late career push to pass Jack Nicklaus for most majors in a career. As much as Tiger’s personal problems have marred his play in recent years, he is now back on top of his game. And the best player to ever play, the game deserves to finish on top in every aspect of the sport. That being said, Sergio Garcia is merely poking The Bear (Tiger Bear, not Jack Bear) with his recent comments.

Tiger is ready to go and for the first time in my life… I’m taking Tiger versus the field.

Let’s hear what you think below and don’t missĀ  Cookie’s Corner tomorrow.

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