Cookie’s Corner: Summers Top 10 For Sports Fans

Cookies Half Iron Man _MeetTheMatts
Cookie & her “half” Iron Man.

NEW YORK, NY – Cool temps and pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING have people wanting to jump the gun and get to fall. Heck, I nearly had a fit the other day when in my local supermarket I saw a display of Halloween candy.  (HALLOWEEN CANDY… IN AUGUST!!!)  And while I like fall as much as the next girl for things like football and wearing skirts with tights and sassy boots, I’m still loving summer…and here’s Summers Top 10 For Sports Fans:

10: If you’re sweaty, no one cares.  (This gives me more time after my workouts to walk around unshowered. After my half Ironman, Timberman 70.3 in New Hampshire this weekend, I may just go out to a bar in my race gear. Screw it. I earned it.)

9: There’s no basketball. (Wait.. is there? It goes until July. OK. I’m still ignoring it.)

8: Hot summer songs. Sure… you can hate them (I’m looking at YOU Robin Thicke for that dirty Blurred Lines.), but when the likes of Stephen Colbert gets his mittens on anything… it’s ten times better. If you’ve been under a rock and not seen this, have a look. If you have… look again. It’s just as funny the fourteenth time. Trust me… I know.

7: Football. My alma mater.. SUNY Albany, hosted the NY Giants. I gotta say…that was pretty cool because our team didn’t make such good use of the field.  Ahhh… beer…wings and football. Can ya SMELL it?!?

6: Baseball on a nice summer day. Perfect. And at the end of the season there always emerges one player who everyone has counted out and the story is just as sweet as fresh picked August corn. This summer, for as dismal a season as it was for the Yankees, some Yankee fans (such as myself) rejoiced at the return of Alfonso Soriano. Others scoffed. I thought he’d be good for morale and would prefer to watch him swing a bat (or anyone else mind you) over A-Roid ANYDAY. But for the past two games (Tuesday/Wednesday), the guy hit four dingers and got 13 RBI’s. Fonzie’s back…season’s over…but Fonzie’s back.

5: Bikinis. These make you sweat less than full clothing. I like wearing them.

4: Lindsay Lohan’s The Canyons has been released.  Sam’s-A-Fan… where’s it playing. Let’s do this.

Cinderella and Baldilocks
Cinderella takes Angry Ward’s wallet.

3: People go to Disneyland to sweat, get financially raped and meet Princesses. They take pictures.

2: Grilling. Any questions? Ask JGClancy or I. Yeah… I’m a great griller. All this and a grill-master, too.

1: The 3rd Annual Meet The Matts Writers’ Barbeque  (which is not to be outdone by the 4th Annual Meet The Matts Holiday Party).

And with that I’m out of here and off north for a little swim-bike-run fun and hopefully not freeze my keester off in the early morning.  Come on back tomorrow for the summer lovin’ of Preacher’s Corner.

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