David Wright is a Big Fat Idiot! Giggity! Giggity! Rangers Back to LA!

Who else but Quagmire?
Who else but Quagmire?

I can  go on forever about many topics.  A Renaissance Man? Perhaps, but I like to think of myself as somewhere between erudite and Glen Quagmire and maybe Beavis.  Name a topic, any topic-and I can usually hold my own (he he…he said ‘hold my own’)  But lately I’ve been absolutely baffled by several things and I have to air them out publicly here if for no other reason, than for a sanity check. To paraphrase the great Billy Joel, “I may be crazy or I just may be the lunatic you’re looking for.” Or maybe both.

Terry Collins has nominally presided over a Mets team that hasn’t sniffed .500 since taking over before the start of the 2011 season.  As black and white as that seems to scream, his boss, Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson came out and uttered the words that Eric Cantor wishes his constituents in Virginia had said this week-Terry’s Not going anywhere! A vote of confidence for a Manager with a winning percentage around .455 over a sample size large enough to declare the guy a total failure. But in the bizarro world that is the New York Mets universe, Alderson-who should be on similarly thin ice for having delivered Collins such a crappy roster for 4 years-announces (threatens?) that his man Terry is still his guy.

There is no other profession, hell-no other team in any professional sport, where such failure is acceptable. Such lack of results almost always is grounds for termination-a regime change. But not in the world ruled by crappy people who hold no one accountable, like the Wilpons and an ex-Marine who lies so comfortably for them. An entire generation of New Yorkers is unaware that this city also has a National League team. The worst part of all is what it’s done to the 2nd greatest home grown position player in its history. I saw David Wright’s bat looking “slow” back in April, and it has remained so. Wright is clearly at the beginning of his decline, caused either by passing 30, or from the toll caused by losing and playing for the life sucking and worst franchise in sports history.

Terry's Mad as Hell...but he'll take it!
Terry’s Mad as Hell…but he’ll take it!

David Wright though, is not without criticism here. When Captain America decided to “re-up” with the Mets after the 2012 season and forgo free agency, he did so with a guarantee of $138M. Of course, as is typical with the Amazins-this will be paid out through 2025. So David did his employers a solid here by making the deal easier to pay out with much of the dough deferred.  This has been a staple of his relationship with the team. He, the loyal kid who dreamed only of playing for the Mets. And they-ownership always ready to bully and degrade him at every turn. Allegedly, Wright decided to remain in New York after meeting with GM Alderson, who assured him that his “plan” was sound and would soon pay off in spades and in winning seasons just ahead. Wright even declared his approval of this “plan.” In fact-he still does. David Wright, ever the good and loyal foot soldier, now comes off like a complete dunce. Blindly, ignorantly “loyal” to a mess of an organization that is moving in reverse. 90 Wins? How about 70. Wright is losing credibility by the day as he continues declaring, if tacitly, his allegiance and belief in Sandy’s “plan.”

If Wright-often praised for doing the “right” thing always-wants to ever see the postseason again, he must break from this mindless devotion to an organization that clearly is not deserving of it. He needs to publicly declare, “hey, I’m sick of losing-the plan isn’t working. I want to win now!” I’m not sure what possible downside there could be to a stance like this from the face of the franchise. In fact in this scenario, Wright is Teflon. He is beyond criticism, and would be justified in publicly calling out his bosses for the horrific way in which the entire organization has been run for at least the past 6 years. He’s mad as hell, and shouldn’t have to take it any more! By uttering these words, he could put a stop to the lunacy that reigns in Flushing. Call out the Manager. Call out the GM. And especially call out the owners.  What has he got to lose?

Mets 3B David Wright
Mets 3B David Wright

The tide of public sentiment will start to turn on Wright as the losing and his silence grows and his stoicism starts being perceived as indifference and avarice.  Time for the Captain to step up and say “enough.” Put the focus on ownership, on Commissioner Bud Selig-without whose support and blind devotion to the felonious Wilpons, none of this would be happening. It’s your team, David. It’s your time, and it’s your career. Do the “Wright” thing. Do it now.

The Puck Stops Here….

Sweepless in Secaucus. The Mighty Mighty Blueshirts have averted the ignominy of a 4 game sweep at the hands of the LA Kings. Maybe more importantly, the Rangers avoid having to watch Anze, Justin and Dustin celebrating on their home ice.

Comeback tomorrow for a new Meet The Matts Radio segment… or something else.

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