Blaber’s Blabberings: A-Rod, Canseco, NBA Tip-off and Chicago

He's baaaaack...

oleary“I am leaving the Knicks and going back to being a Bulls fan”Kevin Franklin, Junoir’s HS buddy.

CHICAGO, IL The righteous Deacon Blaber will explain why I am tipping Mrs. O’Leary’s cow this week in a moment. But while that fire’s burning, on to today’s sermon!

The week has just flown by for yours truly. Access to my sources were a bit sketchy all week as I romp out here in the land of Al Capone. From my bully pulpit today we will talk some minor baseball news, the start of the NBA season and the city of Chicago.

He's baaaaack...
He’s baaaaack…

Baseball – The great and maligned A-Rod is officially off suspension so he can join the Yankees again immediately. He’ll be welcomed as a hero and a liberator by his mates and Yankee fans everywhere. A-Rod will be greeted in the streets of the Bronx with his promise of an end to the listless, fire-less, and bland 2014 team. You may see him join the team for off-season workouts, though he probably should go play winter ball. Likely, he’ll see himself as “too big” for that. I am excited to see him back and I hope he performs. With Captain “Look at Me” out of the way, I hope A-Rod can shine-maybe even at his natural position of SS. I know Yankee fans are frothing at the mouth but who doesn’t love it? They are stuck with a player they can’t move, forced to operate like other big league teams must when bad contracts must be eaten. Maybe he’ll return to “form”, but who cares, the complaints are well worth it.

Jose Canseco somehow shot his finger off this week while cleaning his gun.  Now twin Ozzie can finally say he is better than Jose, at least when it comes to counting to 10 on his fingers. I have heard of people killing themselves while cleaning their guns so I understand it is dangerous. However, at the same time because it is so dangerous, there are several safety measures you can employ before, during and after cleaning. But what the hell-he’s got 9 left. I give this bit of news a 9/10 on the stupidity scale.

NBAThe NBA season tipped of this past week. It may come as a shock but considering the poor state of the NY Jets this year, the Knicks are a beacon of hope for New York fans. What shocked me is all the movement of fans to new clubs like they were free agents. When did this become common? We all know about LeBron James and the LeBronites. But now fans are flipping their allegiances when they feel fed up with losing or inane decisions by management? Supporting a team when they are bums is what makes a fan. Go check out Angry Ward’s piece last week on the teams he supports. Cheesy supported the Bruins back when they sold their Hall of Fame player to give him a chance at the Cup. My good friend Kevin decided he was switching teams again and he got sent the form below from a mutual friend. I like the form and shows that we have no problem with bandwagon hoppers as long as you admit to it and don’t pretend to be a diehard.
As I type this I am at the airport waiting for my flight Chicago. I will hope to meet Dr. Diz and our Dear Leader Micro Matt. Ward asked why he wasn’t invited to the party and it is mainly because we are there for Saturday and leaving. We won’t have time to raise hell. I have been waiting 4 hours and Chicago is starting to feel like a hot date that stood you up. Food is cold, candles are almost out and it is time to turn on the TV.

That’s it for now. Come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin.

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