Membership Has Privileges: Chris Christie, Jerry Jones, Donald Sterling

Chris Christie with Jerry Jones
Jolly ol’ Chris Christie gets jiggly!

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Membership has its privileges. It’s not what you know, but who you know. There are many adages describing entrance into the BIG BOYS CLUB and pro sporting events gives us visual proof. Just last week, Prince William and his Duchess Kate were front row center at Barclays Center hanging with Ambassador Dikembe Mutombo.  After the game, rumor has it that they, along with Jay-Z and Beyoncé, were firing down goblets of Ace of Spades champagne served by eunuchs at the 40/40 Club.  It’s just the life that most commoners will never understand!

Big Dog of the BridgeGovernor Chris Christie, created a whole lot of trending on social media during his luxury box exploits with his bro Jerry Jones. They laughed, they cried and they high-fived, during the Dallas Cowboys plucking of the Eagles. Now, say what you want about the future leader of the free world.  Christie, does not apologize for his team affiliation or his connections.  Maybe, just maybe, this will be the winning ticket in 2016!  Imagine this duo along with Secretary of State Trump ramping up the business of running a country?!

Another example is Jersey’s own, Jon Bon Jovi, who has been spotted on many occasions in the company of  Robert Kraft, Emperor  of the Evil Empire. Why would a lifetime Giants fan be fraternizing  with the likes of Kraft? Were the Giants using the crooner to infiltrate the inner sanctum of  Dr.Evil? Perhaps this is why the Giants appear to have owned The Brady Bunch in big games.

"The plane boss"
“Dee plane, Boss!”

Who would want to be seen with Donald Sterling? Well, through MTM insider connections,image we have pretty good proof that Herve Villechaize did not die in 1993! Our sources in  California have uncovered hospital records indicating that Herve secretly had a sex change and became the now infamous V. Stiviano. Sources are rumored to release a bombshell that Villechaize’s transition expenses were paid by individuals who wanted to take over the NBA team owned by Sterling! Until we see this proof, we will neither confirm nor deny these allegations.

Changing gears… Ever wonder why Christian Slater’s acting career has hit the skids? Me either!  It just may be a coincidence that his luck changed after spending quality time with none other than our favorite Leprechaun, James Dolan, at a Knicks game. Talk about, “Tell me who you go with and I’ll tell you what you are?!”

This may be the last time I'm on any Big screen!
This may be the last time I’m on any Big screen!

Finally, since the season is all but over for the NY Giants, perhaps they can return the favor to the Philadelphia Eagles, by spoiling their playoff hopes.  It would at least give them something to celebrate after an exhausting season.

NFL Monday Night Note Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler played crash-test dummy for the New Orleans Saints, as he was sacked 7 times and knocked down every play during a 31-15 loss. Darren Sharper and Bill Cosby were allegedly not celebs in attendance.

What celebrities have you spotted hobnobbing with sports owners and how does that make you feel? Chime in!

Stay tuned for another version of a Breaking Bad, MTM-style, with Angry Ward tomorrow.

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