Blaber’s Blabberings: Stuart Scott, Betty White, Stinky Knicks, Roaring Rangers, MTM Radio, College Football Championship

Betty White at the People's Choice Awards
Betty White at the People's Choice Awards
Betty White at the People’s Choice Awards

EL BARIO, BRONXIs it Saturday already? That was my thought last night. Yours truly, Sports Deacon Blaber, has a lot to touch on today. It was combination of there not being one huge dominating store but a lot of little great ones.

The rundown for the week begins with the death of Stuart Scott, Betty White winning an award, The Knicks still stinking, Rangers big comeback win, MTM Radio and the College Football Championship. It seems like a lot and it is, but a lot can happen in one week.

Stuart Scott:   was able to look past his governor’s bright orange sweater and wrote a beautiful “eulogy”, if you will for Stuart Scott in his piece earlier this week. I was shocked to get the text on Sunday morning announcing it. I hadn’t watched SportsCenter in a while, so I was unaware of his battle with cancer. He died so young, just 12 years older than me; younger than my oldest brother.  If there is anything to add, it was the buzz going around the black community; to hear a black commentator actually using catch phrases you hear around you. Good night, Sweet Prince, you will be missed.

Betty White: I was pleasantly surprised this week to hear Betty White won the People’s Choice Award for TV Icon. Having been a fan of hers since I was a kid watching Golden Girls on a Saturday night on NBC, I am surprised she is the only one standing of the cast. Beyond that I am very happy she has been delighting fans for generations and that this current generation appreciates her as much as my generation and those before my generation.

Stinky Knicks: Wow! Tthese guys are stinky! The main news to come out of the Knicks is that they have lost 14 straight. They have traded 2 guys in JR Smith and Iman Shumpert that were key components in a winning and competitive side 2 years ago. Their lone shining star is center Cole Aldrich. A guy who is a journeyman but a good fit in Phil Jackson’s triangle system. It is so ugly that at 5 wins, I can’t find anyone to take me up on an over and under on 10 wins for the team.

new_york_rangers_wallpaper_5NY Rangers: So excited to see the Rangers win 12 of their last 13. Even owner Jim Dolan has decided to fly to west coast to watch them play. Probably to avoid watching the Knicks, if we are honest. The most recent win was in LA against the Kings. The same team that beat them 4-1 in the Stanley Cup Finals with the final win coming in a double OT game in LA. The Blueshirts came back from 2-0 down to win the game. It is only a regular season game but it feels good to the Rangers fans like myself.

Meet The Matts Radio: No, this is not just a shameless plug for MTM Radio. I am just discussing the most recent episode, where @AldersonFake (Big Al Sternberg) came under fire for attacking Sandy Alderson for his ineptitude as a GM. Other GMs have been fired for less and the Mets have top 10 payroll ablility. Let’s be honest, he was hired because he is cheap and will do the work for those deplorable owners (the Wilpons) with no questions asked. But here’s a question I’m asking anyway: Shouldn’t there be results before a person gets a contract extension?

College Football: Finally, I want to shout out  for his Red State v Blue State college football piece. I almost spit out my tea laughing at the “Save the Gay Baby Whales” line. I also want to say, yes – we New Yorkers like our mercenaries clear cut. As for the College Football Championship that everybody is eager to see, I have to go with the Ducks over the Bucks. See this Video (a bit dated but still brilliant):

That’s it for now. Comeback tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin.

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