Meet The Matts Radio: QBC Scandal?! SNY’s Vazzano vs Alderson Fake, Mets Fan Callahan

Click the play button to hear all the hub-bub around the QBC, SNY’s Andrew Vazanno and Sandy Alderson…

NEW YORK, NY – So, yesterday started as a somewhat typical Thursday – other than the fact that Dr. Diz was the sublime columnist of the day, stepping in for Big Al Sternberg – who stepped in for Angry Ward on Wednesday – and fueling a spirited debate over red state vs blue state stuff permeating the College Football Championship. And it was cold out, the Knicks and Nets were still making New Yorkers cringe anytime a tourist or transient resident mentioned basketball, and Hot Stove Baseball was boiling in the aftermath of Cooperstown selections/omissions. But then the world shook as a Twitter “discussion” took place between Andrew Vazzano of SNY, Mets fan Charlie Callahan (Bright and Fake Sandy Alderson (@AldersonFake on Twitter and also know as Big Al Sternberg).

Meet_The_Matts Radio LogoThe subject of their discord? The success/failure of New York Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson. And the timing couldn’t have been better, as gaggles of sports geeks, including us, will be flocking to the Queens Baseball Convention.

You don’t care about the Mets nor their nerdy, Star Trek Convention types and their McFadden’s conclave?

Think again. As a a sports fan – and more specifically a baseball fan, you’ll be thoroughly entertained by the passionate fans, star power (Mookie Wilson and Wally Backman), baseball bloggers and chit-chat re America’s pastime.

Still not good enough for you?

Then listen to the Meet The Matts Radio segment above, in which Mad Dog, Bobby V and Matt McCarthy try to mediate a peace or, at the very least, some type of détente beteween Andy, Charlie and Fake Sandy.

Feel free to comment below, tune in tomorrow for lifelong détente seeker Junoir Blaber and get your butt to the Queens Baseball Convention. Woot, woot.

Oh, and listen for news about our new pals at SnapCall (shameless plug) in the MTM Radio piece. It’s something any sports fan that thinks they know their stuff will want to check out.

SIDE NOTE: Happy Birthday, Different Matt! The Rangers gave you that win vs the Kings last night to kick it off!

P.s… Here’s a screenshot of just a bit of the Twitter exchange”

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 1.53.19 AM

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