Ugly Bowe Bergdahl Saga Reminds [Not Really] of Lebron and Sports Deserters

It's all his fault !
It’s all his fault !

WASHINGTON, DC – While the tale of Bowe Bergdahl is heating up, my mind is spinning into who to compare him to.  Since this is supposed to be a sports driven machine, I will extrapolate a list of my top Sports Deserters.

In NO particular order, here we go……

Lebron James-  King James took his talents from Cleveland to South Beach and left an already beaten down city looking for something more positive to fill their sports appetite. Most of the population spent their evenings watching James Caan and Kathy Bates in Misery… over and over and over.

"If you don't write your column....
“If you don’t write your column….

Reggie White: When the Minister of Defense passed the collection plate to Philadelphia Eagles owner Norman Braman,  he declined to make the appropriate donation. Reggie fielded more offers than a pretty girl at a Fordham Prep dance and ended up on the Packers… Philly remains miserable.

Robinson Cano- I just had to add this guy to the list do to his feeling disrespected by the Yankees 170 million dollar offer. I would dare say that he is worth more than the total Dominican Republic GNP.

Deion Sanders: Neon Deion is no doubt the best cover corner to date, along with those talents as a return man. He was also the most successful mercenary . After leaving the Falcons to assist the 49ers back to the top of the NFL,  he left the Niners holding their footballs in their hands by jumping into the ready and willing arms of  Jerry Jones and his Cowboys. His signing did help secure a third Lombardi Trophy in four years for the MTM staff’s favorite other team.

imageMax Scherzer: As a Detroit Tiger fan, Ol’ One Blue Eye pissed me off  by turning down huge money for simply greedy reasons. I hope the Mets hit him in his brown one!

Lebron James: After taking his talents to the Miami Heat,  James left the team that helped him validate his relevance with a couple of rings. How does he repay them?  Yeah.. he makes my list twice.

Brooklyn Dodgers: This borough has never been the same since they left town for the land of Earthquakes! While the addition of the Nets and soon to come Icelanders have drawn some new found interest in the land of Hipsters, the scars remain on those who still speak English.

Baltimore Colts: Robert Irsay goes down as the slimiest of owners when he moved the Colts to Indianapolis in the middle of the night. When they signed Jeff George years later, the Baltimore fans got the last laugh.

See yah!
See yah!

Cleveland Browns: Art Modell at least changed the name of the team when he thumbed  his nose at the Home of Rock n Roll. Cleveland remains mired in the stench of Lake Erie in search of a winner… Perhaps Lebron will change this?

Add your opinions  to the list..

Up next… MTM staff searches for the Mets next owners…

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