Knicks, Rangers, NHL Playoffs, Elite 8, Harry Kane, Weird NFL Hire and Ma Blaber

knicks alt logoEL BARRIO, DE BRONX – Your Deacon Blaber has had a busy week. Beyond meetings and presentations, there was other time-consuming activities. Who knew that a wedding website took so much work?! Not to mention leadership class – which is teaching me to lead and follow better so I can stop screaming “You’re not the boss of me!” at the staff meetings. So today will cover all the slight bits of news and notes that caught my attention during the week – despite all the madness. On this list are the NY Knicks, the NY Rangers, NHL Playoffs, Harry Kane, a Weird NFL hire and of course, the latest from Ma Blaber.

Knicks: Working on the computer the Thursday morning, I heard there are 10 games left in the NBA season for the Knicks. The anchorwoman said she was not sure who that is good news for – the players or the fans? Trust me lady, it is for the fans. Apparently this year’s Knicks need to win all of the next 10 games to avoid being the worst in team history. That won’t happen, so this is the worst team in history. Dem Bums had to win those two games to bring them to 12, so I still need to get around to paying what I owe to Angry Ward and JG Clancy.

Rangers: The New York Rangers became the first NHL team to clinch a spot in the playoffs. That was great to hear but it was disappointing that Notre Dame making the elite 8 was what was the top sports story on the back of the Daily News. Can Viggy (Alain Viganault) and the boys get a little respect?

USP NHL: NEW YORK RANGERS AT MINNESOTA WILD S HKN USA MNNHL Playoffs: So it turns out that last year’s champions, the LA Kings, are in a dogfight to qualify. I don’t want them to make it because they beat the Rangers last year and because this is the NHL Playoffs we’re talking about. More than any other league, the NHL playoffs has proven over and over again that if you qualify you can go far; not just be a first round upset team. LA seems to be hitting its stride going into the playoffs (they just swept the 3 local teams) and just seems way too dangerous for my liking.

NCAA Tournament: So, Team Blaber currently sit 3rd. Two of the final four teams picked are out in Villanova and North Carolina. However, as long as Louisville and Wisconsin don’t make it, there is still a chance for victory.


Harry Kane: Most of you don’t know who he is… yet. He is a soccer player in England and has scored 27 goals in all the many games across competitions for his club, the Tottenham Hotspurs. So England fans have demanded he play for England. The coach and captain are saying “We need to ease him into the international scene. This is his first full season as starter at his club.” So he came off the bench in a game this week. 80 seconds after being in, he scores a goal. That is how you leave them begging for more.

Adam Beard
Adam Beard

Strange NFL Hire: None other than our own is covering this at our sister site, Rugby Wrap Up. Apparently the head of fitness for the Wales national rugby team has left the team to become the Director of High Performance for an NFL team. Why he would leave with a world cup coming? And what a change in fitness routines and styles. However, I assume he is a professional so he will adjust well. Aided by the big bag of dollars trumping whatever he was making before, Euros be damned.

Ma Blaber: My mom doesn’t curse much but when she does it is funny. Sorting out some bill for her that got lost in the mail shuffle, she made me laugh. After getting on the phone with the company and explaining things to the company and my mother, the company agreed to a 3 part payment plan for her. I asked her if that was good and if she would need my help. She went “don’t worry about it. I am frogging Rockefeller compared to you.”

Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday to Matt Harvey, who is suddenly 26. Tom Seaver was 95-64 wins at 26. The hyped-up Harvey is 12-10.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin, a staff member that follows his own rules.

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