Brady, Red Sox, Fenway: Boston offers Worst in Sports. Plus NBA Hero Ball!

I got this guy in front of me. Won't shut up
I got this guy in front of me. Won't shut up
I got this guy in front of me. Won’t shut up

WALTHAM, MA – I had two colleagues with me most of the time while riding Amtrak last week. It doesn’t take much to find something – anything – that drives you nuts while in close quarters. Each of these guys had his own annoying pattern of speech. The older colleague offered nothing but, “Hey, at the end of the day…” while the younger traveler in our group kept saying, “It is what it is…” I wanted to punch both of them in the face (immediately – NOT at the end of the day, btw).

Before we reached Wilmington, Delaware each of these idiots had uttered his “catchphrase” at least 8 times apiece. Thankfully at the BWI station, a young woman boarded the train, and much to my delight, took a shine to my colleagues and immediately chatted them up. She too had her special phrase that my colleagues, I was told later, found rather irritating. I found it refreshing. Every sentence-every one of hers-began: “Not for nothing, but…”

And so today I give you my “Not for nuthins’ but…

I’d rather see Ruben Tejada play Shortstop every day than see Wilmer Flores masquerade as a shortstop every day. It’s not worth sacrificing defense at the most important position for the 12-14 home runs that Flores might provide. The guys is stiff, stands too upright, has a tattoo wristband, and is not as handsome as Tejada, who uses Short Matt‘s eyebrow threading guy.

Ruben Tejada after 6 weeks of watching Flores try to play Short
Ruben Tejada after 6 weeks of watching Flores try to play SS

I’d rather the fat kid on my son’s baseball team not show up late every game because his tennis match ran late. You’re either a baseball player or a tennis player. Ask the late Billy Martin. You can’t be both. They require different skills entirely. Just ask Bruce Jenner.

The Yankees active roster right now features a whopping 5 home grown players with only 2 being regular contributors to the team. (Gardner, Betances)

Red Sox fans are actually more disgusting, obnoxious, profane and unbearable than even Phillies fans. Being from Boston means being born a dick. It’s that simple. They don’t want to know you. They don’t want to talk to you. If you’re from out of town, forget it. They’re superior. They’re entitled. They’re the worst fans in sports. Try striking up a conversation with one of these guys next time you shoehorn yourself into that outdated prison camp they call a baseball stadium. Check out Jimmy Fallon‘s Fever Pitch instead from your living room. Those stories of the lovable Sox who went 100 years without winning a championship? The abused, unlucky fans? Gotta call BS. There’s nothing lovable about this group of a-holes.

I’m not paying all that much attention to the NBA playoffs.  There are at least 2 rounds of playoffs that should be lopped off immediately. It’s nothing short of arrogance that drives this 2 month hero ball journey to determine a champ. Who the hell is watching 2 months of playoffs that render the regular season even more meaningless than it already is? You want to watch James Harden shoot 112 times a game? You want to look at the despicable Matt Barnes for weeks on end? Unlike Kyrie Irving, I’ll pass.                                         barnes

Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension will be reduced on appeal to two games.  I’d have preferred to see the Patriots franchise punished even more severely-something like losing 1st round picks in two consecutive years. If you want to stop or deter what is clearly an institutionalized culture of cheating, then the team itself must be damaged to a degree that will force change.  The Pats ain’t stopping their crap anytime soon, and it begins with Bob Kraft and his condescending prick of a head coach.

So there it is. At the end of the day, it is what it is and not for nothing but the net net of it is a win win.

Come back tomorrow for a man that punches those guys in the face, Angry Ward.

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