No NFL Games Today: What To Do?

hideo nomo
“Ah… always stretch before gardening.”

NEW YORK, NY – Since Cheesy Bruin is MIA with his post, allegedly trying to hack into The Public Professor’s computer to publish it, we’re without him and his Free NFL Picks as of now. And since we’re dealing with the having to do without, we wondering what we’d do if we there were No NFL Games Today. What would we do? What Should You Do? Here’s the skinny:

What would we do? First off, we’d be doing exactly what we’re doing now – writing a post for our missing compadre. But really, when your excuse for not writing involves The Public Professor, it’s like saying Lamar Odom is helping you…

That aside, we’ll pretty much do what we were going to do anyway: edit video with the television on in the background. And frankly, we’re not loving the NFL so much these days because Pro Rugby is much better – and doesn’t take 3 1/2 hours. You need to check it out. Tons are online to watch…

Lori_Levine Junoir_Blaber Public_Professor Meet_The_Matts
The Public Professor, Lori Levine, Junoir Blaber

We’ll also be moving a Hinoki Cypress (Why are we tempted to to type Hideo Nomo Cypress?) to a bigger pot and prepping the Urban Terrace Garden for winter.

What Should You Do? Aside from checking out Pro Rugby, you should immediately refresh your browser and see if Cheesy Bruin’s column is up. Allegedly, he has indeed surfaced. He’s reportedly been found with The Public Professor, 3 empty bottles of whisky (the real way to spell it) and Mike Tyson facial tattoos. That’s right, they tattooed Iron Mike’s face on their faces.

At least one can hope the last part is true. In the meantime, feel free to “free-style” below.

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