Gangrene Overcomes Giants, Gang Green Jets Rule NYC

NFL: Cinncinati Bengals at New York Jets
FLORHAM PARK, NJ–  Any regular reader of this esteemed site can tell you that the Meet The Matts “editorial staff” tends to lean toward certain teams and sports over others.  I would scientifically suggest that more content here is focused on the Mets, Giants, Yankees, Cowboys, Rangers, and even Vikings (AW) than any others. Your MTM staff after all, is human. (I’ve been told)

Easily the least covered team by this Pulitzer winning site is the J-E-T-S.  Coverage and columns about Gang Green pale in comparison to the slobbering regularly dumped on their Met Life co-tenants, the team formerly known as the Giants. But why the short shrift? Why is there so little love for the Jets?

The Jets cleaned house last Winter when they re-gifted Coach Rex Ryan to Western New York. The Buffalo fans were thrilled to nab such an “accomplished” coach. Da Bills should feel free to unleash the Donald Trump of NFL coaches on the rest of the league and watch Ryan preside over multiple 7 win seasons. Former GM John Idzik, the walking embodiment of failure that is 47 years without a Super Bowl appearance was similarly let go by Woody Johnson.  One could easily suggest that it is Johnson himself who mismanages this cursed team by his mere presence and baby powder.

3 Stooges
3 Stooges

Johnson’s best decision (non-antiperspirant category) was to have former Redskins GM Charley Casserly conduct last year’s search for a new coach and new GM. Woody Pampers hired a football “guy” and early returns are strong that the right football “guys” were hired. Coach Todd Bowles and GM Mike Maccagnan appear to have been very solid hires and have succeeded in changing the polluted culture of this woebegone Green team.  Maccagnan has put a GM named Jerry Reese on notice that the Jets now had a strong leader in the GM seat who could quickly raise the team’s talent level. Reese has searched for an O-Line and good linebackers for a decade without success. In one off-season, the  Jets GM brought in the mercurial, but still explosive WR Brandon Marshall and veteran smart guy QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to quickly end the charade of Geno Smith as a viable NFL QB.

Coach Todd Bowles has been a steadying and strong leader and brought his Bill Parcells coaching pedigree to the sideline.  Previous Coach Ryan brought bluster,  faux bravado and a foot fetish to the table. SOJ stuff. Bowles commands respect and at 10-5 this season is on the brink of a playoff berth. The Jets would be nobody’s idea of an easy “out” this post-season. Resentment (dislike?) of the Jets is probably analogous to Met fans acting “entitled” to Yankee fans, who’ve earned their stripes with 27 World Series Titles. Giants fans and their 4 SB Championships and 5 total Super appearances have always looked down at the occasional successes enjoyed by Jet fans. 


This year is different. There’s no comparison. The Jets have earned our appreciation and our attention. They are a good football team and are reasonably capable of getting to Super Bowl 50 this February.  As a Giant fan, I am Green with envy.

Purple People Eater Angry Ward, tomorrow.

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