Jose Reyes Curse, NBA Playoffs, Rooting Against Your Soccer Team, Peeing on Laptops

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Jose Reyes’ dog peed on my laptop! I swear! Maybe…

EL BARRIO, EL BRONX – I spent this week doing some work with my brother, who is in jail for racketeering. That, and the fact that my oft-dropped-in-drunken-stumbles phone finally died, meant I was forced to rely on the newspaper (Bing it) for a quick glance topics to write about. Then my pencil broke. Further,  I couldn’t even read my fellow writers’ work after I accidentally fried my laptop by peeing on it. So with that awkward intro, our topics for today are: Jose Reyes Curse, NBA Playoffs and Rooting Against Your Soccer Team Conundrum.

Hip, Hip, Jose!

Jose Reyes Curse: If you don’t know or haven’t heard, Major League Baseball suspended former Met Jose Reyes for 51 games because of a domestic abuse incident that occurred while on vacation with his wife in Hawaii. Reyes’ suspension, without pay, lasts 99 days retroactive to Feb. 23, when MLB placed him on administrative leave. Reyes isn’t appealing and from what I have read (Hotel security broke up a fight after he choked her and pushed her into a glass door), he shouldn’t. Without a doubt, Reyes is Cursed after leaving the Mets after Bunt-Gate. See the clip at page bottom… BACK TO PRESENT: I think this is a positive step by baseball; less fanfare and career-killing than what the NFL did to Ray Rice. Reyes becomes the second player to face discipline for violating the league’s new policy, after New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman was suspended 30 games for an October incident in Florida. Chapman did not appeal the suspension and made his season debut on Monday for the Yankees. I hope Reyes keeps his mouth shut because Chapman has already opened his – and said Latin players are easy targets. That is the worst use of the I am the real victim card I have ever seen. His explanation also opens up a can of warms about stereotypes, so let’s just move on.

LeBron wifeNBA: So, Angry Ward’s Golden State Warriors had their best player and captain, Steph Curry, win the league MVP. However, people are arguing about its legitimacy because Lebron is more valuable to his team than Curry. Let’s just admit that this award is really the Player Of The Year Award not the stupid MVP title and the Player Of The Year in the NBA was Curry. Even Stevie Wonder can see that.

Lebron’s Cavaliers have swept the first two rounds of the playoffs. It is amazing what can happen when Kevin Love and “Not Julius”Irving are there to help him out. They look dangerous and will likely meet either the Warriors or the Spurs in the final. Curry returned from a sprained MCL to drop 40 and help the Warriors push past the Trailblazers, while the Spurs look to set-up a conference finals match-up.

Man U.

Rooting Against Your Team Conundrum: I have had this conundrum in soccer, on both the domestic and national front. My club team is Manchester United and we have a horrible coach who continues to disappoint and I support the USA national team and I hate the national team coach. My question is am I a bad person to hope for a catastrophe like Man U not get fourth place and chance to play in Europe or the USA to get embarrassed in Copa America. I believe this is the only way these terrible managers will get replaced. However I always get people coming back at me that no real fan roots for their team to lose. Is that really true??

P.s… Is Reyes cursed, paying for this sins of Bunt-Gate?

That is it for now, come back tomorrow for a guy who could bungle with me anytime, Cheesy Bruin.

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