Ebs’ Hot Takes: Draymond Green, Sid The Kid, Penguins, Copa America

GreenBALLSTON SPA, NY  Another Monday and another great set of Ebs’ Hawt Taeks (that’s Hot Takes in a Buffalo twang). With the recent developments of the NBA Finals – Draymond Green – and a new champion in the National Hockey League, there’s a lot to discuss! Tick, tick, tick… Time to get to it this week’s set of Ebs’ Hot Takes:

 Draymond Green and only Draymond Green, is to blame. Don’t get mad at LeBron James. Don’t get mad at the NBA. Green is why people like Angry Ward should be seeing red. He did this to himself.
What were you really expecting would happen to a player that uses the excuse, “I don’t know how anyone could Tustlepossibly say that I did that on purpose, regardless of the way it may look. I was going up for a shot, I got hit that way. When you get hit that way, your leg just goes up,” when he kicks an opponent in the groin while taking a shot in the paint? Seriously? You’re in the paint.

Honestly, Warriors fans are lucky Green hasn’t been suspended before. He should of been suspend for Game 4 of the Western Conference finals. So drink your glass of humble tea Warriors fans, and pray that LeBron doesn’t go Zero Dark Thirty-23 and take over. Maybe if you’re lucky your team can get the job done in Game 6.

And before you kill me in the comments section for another blood-boiling opinion, just remember that Green wasn’t suspended for this play alone. This was a cumulative suspension. Three flagrant fouls during the playoffs equals a one-game suspension.
Again, what’s important is that this was – you look at this play on a standalone basis – other things were going on in the game, obviously – but this was viewed as a Flagrant One on its own. It wasn’t that we suspended him, it was that it triggered the suspension. And so we have our rules and our point system is in place, everybody knows it. Draymond was on notice, certainly, and certainly after the last contact to the groin with Adams, so what’s important I think is to understand that this was one point, it was viewed as a Flagrant One, and you can’t make an exception. You have to do the right thing for the play.” – NBA executive vice president of basketball operations Kiki VanDeWeghe said.
CrosbySid The Kid is back on top. It wasn’t pretty at times for Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins this season, but ultimately they got the job done. The Pittsburgh Penguins are Stanley Cup champions and their captain is the Conn Smythe trophy winner.
Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals stole the Penguins’ thunder for much of the season, but it didn’t matter in the end. The Penguins got the job done in the postseason, winning the franchise’s fourth championship and first since 2009.
Peru2Remember, this team made a coaching change in December and was out of the playoff picture in February. Absolutely incredible.
It’s time to get instant replay in soccer. Look, I’m no soccer fan and I admit I couldn’t care less about the Copa America, but I do care about injustice in sports. I’m sorry soccer, but it’s time for instant replay. Without it, Peru is in the knockout stage and Brazil is left behind wondering how it went wrong. If baseball has instant replay, it’s time for soccer to join the movement.
Tustle2I understand it’s a bit tougher to implement a change like this with all of the different leagues across the globe, but they have experimented with instant replay before and it’s time to make the change permanent.
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Oh, and BIG Happy Birthday to our convalescing colleague, Big Al Sternberg!
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