Chris Sale for Sale? Dopey Aldon Smith, Cat Stevens, Chapman Trade

Aldon Smith
Aldon Smith

EL BRONX, EL BARRIO – If I acted like my articles were still due on the weekend, then *I wouldn’t be up late writing my article right now. However, I didn’t so, I am putting this together and going over the headlines since my last post. And while the madness and sadness of the world continues, I will try to focus on being normal. At least the “new normal” for my articles. Like last week, I will use music to briefly touch upon the need for peace but then gave you what you came here for: Sports Talk. Today’s topics are: Peace Train, Aldon Smith, Chris Sale and the Chapman Trade.

Let’s start with current events…

Peace Train: This was actually a quiet week on the America domestic front. Unfortunately in the realm of world news, a USA drone-strike-gone-wrong killed civilians… Our friends Zee Germans have been struck with horrible terrorist attacks… It literally makes my heart cry when I hear these stories. I searched my music catalog for an apt song of the week and turned to Steven Demetre Georgiou. You may know him as Cat Stevens and now called Yusuf Islam. I couldn’t thing of a better person and song. Take a listen…

Now for the sports…

Aldon Smith: The “dopeyOakland Raiders linebacker Smith is currently is serving a year-long NFL suspension that was handed down in November when he violated the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He will be eligible to apply for reinstatement in September, 60 days before the one-year anniversary of the suspension. Now we can get into the fact that NFL will pump players full of pain killers but weed is bad, however, Smith is now in more trouble. Apparently, the video below appeared on Periscope under an account he uses with a man and woman smoking weed. The woman says ‘You’re stupid for recording this.” A guy responds, “It’s not like they know its me. It don’t say Aldon Smith.” The video abruptly ends. Smith is not seen in the video but the NFL is investigating the smoking blunt… er, gun. . I hope he is not that dumb but time will tell.

Chris Sale: We have all dealt with job dress codes and likely didn’t care for them. But not many of us reacted like Sale, the star pitcher of the White Sox.White Sox Throwback The South Siders’ south-sider destroyed the 1976 throwback uniforms that the ChiSox had planned to wear Sunday. He was yanked from his start and has been suspended for 5 days. He got off lightly if you ask me. I can’t imaging what he was thinking; he may have been on something. Who knows? Why he would take it so personally is beyond me. He’s not the first to complain about the ugly jersey – do you job and get it over with. Just my thought.

The Chapman Trade: The Yankees and Cubs agreed to a deal to send Yankee closer Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs in exchange for four players. The Cubs get Chapman and will send relief pitcher Adam Warren, top SS prospect Gleyber Torres, and outfielders Billy McKinney and Rashad Crawford. As a Mets fan, I hate this trade because it helps shore up a weak point in the Cubs and makes knocking them off harder. For the Cubs? Great deal. For the Yankees? It makes sense as they get a useful arm – not as awesome as the one they traded – but they also have SS that is maybe the next Derek Jeter, according to reports. Plus, they get younger in the outfield. It works for everybody and makes sense.

That’s all I have… Please come back tomorrow for Angry Ward. And feel free to leave your thoughts below and follow us on Twitter – @JunoirBlaber & @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

*MTM Edit Staff calling bullship on this claim. Half the time JB’s Saturday columns were written at 2AM, after the midnight Posting Deadline and WELL AFTER the 8pm Editorial Deadline. And that was when he actually remembered he had a column due! Did we mention that he had completely forgotten about his column and we reminded him at 8pm last night? Seems his growing Twitter followship (new word) has gotten to his head. Shoot the Boot, Blaber!

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