RIP Joe McKnight, NY Knicks Don’t Suck and Bruce Arena

Joe McKnight, New York Jets, April 2010 (AP Photo)

EL BRONX, EL BARRIO – After breaking the no politics rules last time, I wasn’t sure I was going to get a pinch-hit call. But I guess desperate times or Bar Golf calls for desperate measures or the Jun-wah. So with that, let’s move on to this week’s piece. Starting with my Song of the Week and it’s good positive vibe, which I dedicate to our fearless leader, Microscopic Matt for being a good friend, I’ll then focus on the following: RIP Joe McKnight, NY Knicks Don’t Suck and Bruce Arena.

Let’s begin with the music…

Never Let Me Down:  I had a really busy week and surprisingly, that involved talking with Mini Matt quite a bit. We planned out articles for partner site Rugby Wrap Up and other things. Matt turned out to be right about the young kids he brought on board to help as  I juggle with one hand and an eye-patch with a baby, new job and all. Because off of our friendship, my Song of the Week is… Never Let Me Down.

Now for the sports…

Joe McKnight: We were shocked to find out that former Jets running back Joe McKnight was shot dead earlier this week in a possible road-rage dispute. McKnight was one of these high school stars, #1 in the nation, that was good but not great in college. He went to USC and was expected to be the next Reggie Bush. McKnight was not Bush II but he was a quality player. He unfortunately was one of these players that could not turn into a big time pro. He spent 3 years with the Jets before he went to KC for a year and then the CFL. McKnight becomes the second NFL player killed by gunshot in New Orleans this year in a traffic incident. Sad but true. Rest in Peace young man.

NY Knicks don’t suck : The Knicks are 10-9. They are 1 game above .500 and 3rd  in the Atlantic division. That maybe not be much but when you have seen how bad these Knicks have been for so long, especially the last few seasons, I’ll take it. They are not gonna challenge the Cavaliers for the title but they just might be good enough to make the playoffs and considering how starved NY fans are of playoff basketball they will take it. 8th seed is good enough in the heart of most Knick fans, like Buddy Diaz.

Bruce Arena: The USA finally got rid of that fraud of a coach Jurgen Klinsmann. After losing the first two games of the final qualifying round  for World Cup 2020, US Soccer released Klinsmann and brought back Bruce Arena, seen in pic to the left drinking champagne after winning MLS title. FYI, Bruce Arena is NOT where DJ Eberle’s Bills or Sabres play. This will be Arena’s third tour of duty with the national team. But with the organization in the hole and needing to qualify and a guy that knows the program, Arena was the best man for the job. Come on Brucie, we are all counting on you.

That’s all I have… Please come back tomorrow for The Man that is everywhere and nowhere, Cheesy Bruin… And feel free to leave your thoughts below and follow us on Twitter – @JunoirBlaber & @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

See you all at the the 69th Annual NYRC Brian J Sheehy, Sr Classic, Presented by &….

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