The People Have Spoken: The David Wright Needs to Go.

WASHINGTON, DC – Wow, what a week! It was as divisive a seven days as we’ve had in our history and it was all we could do to keep from getting lost in The Fog of War. Indeed, all the pomp and circumstance surrounding last night’s big event,  just a relative stone’s throw from where Thomas Jefferson and John Adams put aside their staunch political leanings to help forge this great nation, The Donald… er The David, was hosting David Wright Vegas Night for at the Virginia Beach Convention Center each January to raise funds for the Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters. But under the absolutely warranted, feel-good atmosphere of this noble event for children in need sponsored annually by a giving Wright, there was a 800 pound gorilla in the room flailing his arms… until he back flared up. See, we conducted a “Should David Wright Retire” poll and the subsequent/historic 58% to 42% “statement vote,” clearly called for Captains Courageous to call it quits.

Do we like being Wright right? Heck no. Would we love to see this genuinely good guy come back and earn that elusive World Series ring with our beloved New York Mets? You bet your bottom we would! But the likelihood of it happening is slim. Sarah Jessica Parker slim. In fact, according to our man Danny Biancullo of @DannyBSports, the odds are *38.3% – less than the 42% of fans wanting to keep El Capitán de los Mets.

Need more evidence? Here are Wright’s own words, spoken at his gallant gala of generosity, as quoted by Kevin Kernan in The New York Post:

“I can’t tell you how many games I am going to play. I hope to be ready for spring training, that’s my goal, but I can’t tell you I can play this many games. I don’t know when my back is going to flare up.’’

Two phrases, one hyphenated, come to mind after reading that Ground Hog Day statement: Oy vey and ruh-roh… Great, Dave. Now every time you swing, throw, bend or run, we’ll all be holding our breath, waiting for the 60-day DL grimace that we’ve all unfortunately come to used to. And we’re just fans – we’re not the guys on the bench or in the field that have to keep from rolling their eyes or shaking their heads because Mets management has once again put them behind the 8-ball.

So what’s the issue, other than Wright simply loving the game too much to step away now? First off, and we’ve said this before, he needs to vacate the captaincy. Next, he needs to state that he is willing to be a role player, “I’ll do whatever it takes to help the team.” We don’t expect him to walk away from TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS PER SEASON through 2020. Not yet at least…

But lest we forget in The Fog of War: The People Have Spoken.

That’s all for today. Come back tomorrow for our version of Captains Courageous, Cheesy Bruin. And please follow us on Twitter  @MeetTheMatts, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

*We made up the @DannyBSports odds number.

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