Boring NBA Trade Deadline Big Shots Lob Air Balls, LeBron Swats Knicks Bricks

Not all is bad.

NEW YORK, NY – Professional basketball is, for the most part, boring. Yesterday’s way over-hyped NBA Trade Deadline, came and went. Phil Jackson and his fellow big-shot traders tossed air-balls and rim-jobs [ahem] our way, with but one big Boogie swapping his tank-top.

But it’s not like teams like the Knicks needed to make a deal, dagnabbit. Heck, fellas can finally relax and just play ball. They’ll be fine without that pressure of watching someone cart their millions in a Hummer limo elsewhere. What’s that, you say? The Knickerbockers got destroyed by LeBron James and a team from… Cleveland?! Shirley Surely, you jest!

Okay, so the triple double made this one a laugher… if your a Cavs fan, that. For us weary fans of the #GardensFailedCrops, the situation is about as funny as “active hemorrhoid” and the runs.

“Active Hemorrhoids” are part and parcel for a Knicks fan.

But let’s get back to boring…

As a GM in the NBA, you must have a pretty good feel about how far your team is going to go, come the last week of February. Granted, the season is still 8 months from completion but still, you know if they suck or not. Phil Jackson, even in his apparent trance, must know his team sucks… and this version of suck is expe$ive… So Phil, why the flock couldn’t you and some other GM of a shipth team make a deal? Why not add some life to your Walking Dead fan-base with a blockbuster trade or two? A salary dump would have been enough. Instead, we’re left to NOT WATCH this LAZY team get blown out on a day they could have shown the world you were right about all the off-season moves.

Or could it behold on to your hats conspiracy loons – that the players are purposely making you look like a bigger idiot than you’ve already managed on your own, by tanking the season/cashing checks? Really, if you’re getting paid zillions on a guaranteed contract that nobody else will take on, why dive for a loose ball when your boss is ripping you on Twitter?

Nah… That would almost be interesting.

Still think so, Joakim?

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