When The Knicks Win, They Also Lose!

SPANISH HARLEM, NY – On Tuesday night the New York Knicks played the Indiana Pacers and just like every game they have played this season, the defense was awful early. After losing to the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday the team was reeling, so it was easy to see what the outcome would be… another loss.

I guess Team Turmoil didn’t get the memo. They came out for the second half and played the Pacers hard – and even made some timely defensive stops – when it mattered. Sure, Indiana missed a lot of shots but there’s always more to it than that. Good defense can deflate a team’s confidence, even if there were some wide open misses. And get this: Carmelo Anthony and company played the better game down the stretch, – without Kristaps Porzingis! He left the game in the 3rd quarter with an injury. So there’s that.

As a Knicks fan, I have become accustomed to seeing the team lose but now they don’t hurt as much as they used to. I remind myself that there are good players in the upcoming draft. Analysts have stated that this draft might be the best draft of young prospects that the league has seen in a long time. This has certainly helped me cope, as once again the Knickerbockers have a draft pick and the more they lose, the better their odds will be.

Currently the Knicks sit in 9th spot, which would surely leave them lottery bound and a chance at a top 3 seed in the draft (they also have two 2nd round picks as well). The percentages today would not favor them for a high seed but the problem is the more they win, they more they lose. Sure wins are nice but not at this time of year – if you’re New York. This team will not make the playoffs and should be looking to move up in the draft to increase their shot at a dynamic player who could potentially team up with Porzingis to turn this franchise around.

Even with all the poor decisions Phil Jackson and James Dolan have made, great young players can turn an organization around in a hurry. You have to draft well and a good position in this year’s draft, though not guaranteed, would help. I won’t say I want the Knicks to lose every game but I also won’t be pissed-off if they do.

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