Angry Ward Wednesday: The Rangers In Danger, Matt Harvey Mess, Possible NBA Fix

BRONX, NY – Running short on time today. Got zero in the tank and one 12 oz bottle’s worth of liquid comedy to get me through this. Even though I’m not (ever) getting paid for this, and I’d rather beg off on this week’s post, I feel compelled to show up and do what’s expected of me. Call it loyalty, friendship, brainwashing, Stockholm Syndrome, or sheer stupidity, I feel like I made a commitment to this leaky makeshift stick-raft of a site. What am I supposed to do, call in sick with a migraine? Let’s get to it.

“Rangers!, Will Robinson!” As I click-clack this thing out, the New York Rangers and Ottawa Senators are a half hour away from dropping the puck on Game 6 of their “all over the damn place” series. Ottawa went up 2-0 and looked half okay and half lucky. The Rangers took the next 2 and seemed on the verge of ripping off 4 straight. It’s now 3-2 Ottawa and the Rangers are on the brink of elimination. So what else is new? I’m guessing the Broadway Blues put up a strong effort tonight, push this thing to 7, and end up winning it… I was wrong. Ottawa won 4-2.

Harvey Had It? There’s no shortage of opinions on Matt Harvey’s latest dust up with the Mets. Whether you think Harvey is a spoiled brat or the Mets a clueless team, there are a few things that remain fairly clear. Let’s get the Mets stuff out of the way first. They have horrible owners, a wretched excuse for a conditioning staff, and always get things wrong. Aside from them being in New York, there’s not a lot of reasons to want to play for them. Matt Harvey is 28 years old. I was still doing a hell of a lot of irresponsible sh!t when I was 28. He’s young… but not at all young in baseball years. This is his prime. He’s had a couple of major injuries, a handful of  memorable starts, and a nickname that was clearly bestowed upon him way too soon. He still has time to figure it out, but that time is not unlimited. It’s great being rich and famous and running around with super models (I mean, I can only assume), but that money and fame and those models can split town in a hurry if you don’t take care of your most important asset… yourself.

Cy is watching.

Whether it was his idea or the Mets’, Harvey apologized yesterday. But, like I say to my 8-year-old, after a while apologies ring hollow and it’s got to be apology through action. Matt Harvey is 28, he has a lifetime record of 31-30 and is currently 2-2 with a 5.14 era. He doesn’t need to throw a no-hitter his first game back or win the Cy Young or be The Dark Knight. But a good start would be showing up, trying his best, and maybe slowly win back supporters in the clubhouse and the stands.

Warriors/Jazz Game 2 Fix? I watched the Warriors/Jazz Western Conference semi finals series closely, but clearly not closely enough. Prior to Game 2, the Warriors were apparently a 12 to 13 point favorite. With a little over 7 seconds remaining, Kevin Durant made two free throws to put GS up by 13. Utah inbounded to guard Shelvin Mack, who proceeded to get fouled by Draymond Green, in the backcourt(!), with 5 seconds left. It made no sense! Anyway, he hit both fouls shots, Golden State ran out the rest of the clock, and won by 11. As my friend The Cheeseman would say, “There should be an investigation.” Take a look.

That’s all for today. Come back and investigate what Buddy Diaz has to say tomorrow.

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