A Tale of Two Cities: Todd BOWLES-ing for SOUPer Bowls and Ben McAdoo-doo.

Todd_Bowles Ben_McAdoo Meet_The_Matts
Man! I thought I sucked but you... Holy Christmas, you're awful.

Ladies & Germs: Under center for DJ Eberle today, Cam James!

NYC via DENVER, COWhat the Dickens is happening in the swampy area west of NYC?  Short story shorter: Jets 2-2G-Men 0-4.  Short story longer: If you told me – an indifferent 3rd party – that the Giants with ODB, a secondary that would intimidate in any year and Eli healthy, would be 0-4 and the Jets would we 2-2, I’d have told you that the Jets would lose in a bye week and Ben McAdoo’s mustache could beat the Chargers! After all, his mustache is all the o-line one needs to stop the Chargers pass rush.  To illustrate how much pause the status quo has given me, it took me two colons and five commas to get one thought out in the first paragraph… the one you just meandered through.

Todd_Bowles Ben_McAdoo Meet_The_Matts
Todd Bowles: “Man! I thought I sucked but you… Holy Christmas, you’re awful.”

Parts of me want to justify the outcomes we have seen with the schedules played by each team thus far.  However, as all Jets fans know, thanks to HermYou play to win the game… regardless of schedule.  The impending schedules won’t offer comfort to the Giants and will offer comfort to the Jets.  Big Blue’s next three games are the Chargers, Broncos, and Seahawks.  All three teams have a better point differential than the Giants as of week four.  Going to Denver is a guaranteed loss.  Playing a desperate Chargers team with nothing to lose and a potent offense is a recipe for a loss.  Playing a subdued but still quality football team in the Seahawks is not the easiest game to be scheduled.  All in all, I see the Giants at 0-7.

On the other side of the coinGang Green, albeit on the road two of the next three, play the Browns, Pats (at home) and Dolphins.  While the G-men face a torrent of potential, you might as well call the first seven weeks of the Jets schedule a circle-Matt, cluster-Matt, Roger Goodell gift after sucking a Matt, or maybe even a good old fashioned over-the-pants Matty.  All in all, I see the Jets at 4-3 going into week eight. The fun stops there for the fly boys unfortunately.

Eli_Manning, Todd_Bowles, Ben_McAdoo, MeetTheMatts.comCome week eight they will get the over-the-pants Matty Ice that ends their Cinderella run wherein they lose at least seven consecutive games starting with a 30-point loss to the Falcons.  The Jets lone potential win for the rest of the seasons would be at the Aints who will be just as motivated to lose at that point in the season.

All in all, Todd Bowles, has bluffed his hand past what Vegas thought he could do in 17 weeks and Ben McAdoo has proven that your roster may sell jerseys – but it doesn’t mean wins.  If I was T-Bowles, I would coach as if I was playing with house money and get a little crazy/creative over the coming weeks to engineer a win or two.  Not Marquette King fake punt on 4th and 11 early in the 3rd quarter, down 9 on your own 30… Jack Del Rio has lost his mind, but maybe get Billal Powell direct-snap, bootleg pass, crazy.

Ben McAdoo… buckle up.  Come January you will be in the East River or an assistant to Lane Kiffin.  0-16 Is a lonely place.

Dumb stuff John Elway would say:  “We tried to Neil for the National Anthem…  Diamond wasn’t available, Armstrong passed away, Young was too high to get that low.

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P.s… Those Mets looked good.

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