NY Giants Have a Bad Apple, Josh Rosen and Should a Quarterback Be Drafted In the First Round

SPANISH HARLEM – The New York Giants have been a hot mess so far this season. With one game left, management will have some tough decisions to make. The team is already interviewing for General Managers but questions still remain and some more are developing. This will be an important off-season for the Giants so lets tackle some of the questions today.

Landon Collins threw some shade at teammate and recently-suspended Eli Apple for his attitude and play this season. None of this is surprising to the New York area because many know by now that Apple has had a terrible season. Collins has gone as far as calling Apple a cancer in the clubhouse but retracted some of those words yesterday because of the fall-out. I didn’t feel that was necessary because sometimes the players have to police themselves. Leaders have to call out players for their actions and this seemed like a great opportunity to do that. Is it the right thing to do? Probably not but someone had to do it, as there are still players on this team that are giving their all to win. I applaud Collins for coming out and saying what he really felt because he knows to be a better unit, all the players in the room need to have the same goal in mind. Eli Apple hasn’t shown that he can be a team player and it’s only right to call him out on it.

Josh Rosen is a potential quarterback that the Giants can draft and it seems he has an eye on them, too. Rosen was quoted as saying that he would rather be drafted lower in the draft for a better fit than be a higher pick with the wrong organization. Some believe that statement was made about the Cleveland Browns, who have the first pick in the NFL draft. That has to be music to the Giants ear, especially if that’s the guy they target to take over for Eli Manning. It may also remind some fans that Manning played a similar tune in 2004 when the San Diego Chargers had the first in the draft. The Giants got the man they wanted in Eli and he brought them two Super Bowl victories, so I’m sure some people are hoping those results could be duplicated with Rosen at quarterback.

With all the talk about drafting a quarterback, I would love to know how fans feel about possibly saying “good bye’ to their beloved Eli. Do you keep him and hope to make a last Super Bowl run or do you start anew? It has to be a tough decision for everybody involved because it’s not easy to move on from a guy that brought you so much joy. He was never the greatest quarterback but he certainly had some great moments… moments that will take to him to the Hall of Fame one day. If the Giants draft a quarterback, Manning will have a one, maybe two year window, as the starter because you don’t draft a quarterback in the first round to have him sit on the bench.

Let me know how you feel in the comment section, Keep Eli or move on?

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