Rain Man Ramblings: Alabama = Patriots, Bills Fire Coordinator, Baseball Contracts, Song of the Week

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – I knew what I wanted to talk about all week but couldn’t find the time to sit down and write about it. Then I look up at the clock and Friday night is upon me. So now, once again, it was time to put my brilliance on paper and share it with the world. Drum roll please! [finger in ear] What’s that, we can’t afford one? Okay, never mind. Let’s get to my often-imitated-but-never-duplicated formula of a Song of the Week, followed by Sports Stuff. Today’s menu: Alabama=Patriots, Bills Fire Coordinator, Baseball Contracts.

Song of the Week: I had to give my daughter a bath this week, so I had to find a new song. I had to choose fast because this little girl was very much unconcerned with the situation and demanded her music. Of course that meant I had to go to an old standby; the perfect song in Matt Kearney’s “Count On Me.It is a great one and a fun one. Please take a listen.

Alabama=Patriots: This is funny and sad but true. After watching how poor the reffing was in the National Championship, I am convinced this is fact. It seems like every 50/50 call or blown call went the way of Alabama. The same thing happens when it comes to the New England Patriots. The Pats already won games this season, courtesy of the “What fumble” and “TD catch fumble incomplete.” Winning teams get breaks but they often are winning teams because of breaks… or do the breaks end up leading to a winning team? I am sure the divisional playoffs this weekend will help answer that question. Pfft!

Rain Man Ramblings: Alabama = Patriots, Bills Fire Coordinator, Baseball Contracts, Song of the Week, Meet The Matts, MeetTheMatts.com
@Angry_Ward, Bill and Lou.

Bills Fire Offensive Coordinator: This could be Angry Ward’s ticket out of here; suck as a MeetTheMatts.com pundit and get fired! Rick Dennison may not have wanted that end but he got it. The Buffalo Bills fired him as their offensive Offensive Coordinator. Dem Bills had a problem with play-calling, which wasn’t much more than the Statue-Of-Liberty, followed by a QB-sneak and Hook-n-Ladder.  Just suck, Angry Ward, just suck!

Baseball Contracts: Things are really crazy out there. The Mets had a HUGE Hot Stove week! First, they brought back free agent Jay Bruce on a 3-year deal. Big bat, bona fide Major-Leaguer. After that, they really made a splash by… NOT… no splash. Instead of following up a solid move, they instead go back to the swamp, giving RAISES to Matt Harvey, Travis d’Arnaud, Wilmer Flores & Jeury’s Familia! RAISES?! And Noah Syndergaard, who pitched about 3 innings, got bumped from 600K to 3 million! And how about A.J “Who” Ramos getting 9 million?! His ERA was 4.74! Worse, The Dark Knight went 5-7 last year with a career-worst 6.70 ERA over 18 starts, after missing 2 1/2 months with a stress injury to his right scapula. He was tossing beach balls the last month! Stop the insanity!

AJ Ramos, Mets, MeetTheMatts.com

Okay, I’m done. I’m going over The Falls in a barrel.

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