Sports Rain Man: Cousins to the Jets, Not Recognizing Stars, Dad Attacks Nassar

Sports Rain Man: Cousins to the Jets, Not Recognizing Stars & Dad Attacks Nassar.

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – This has been one hectic week. The taskmaster known as Short Matt had me working hard the last week and a half covering rugby. Yet, he still reminds me that I am due on the hill here on Saturday.  So here I am, cranking out my fourth article this week and my sixth in 10 days.  At least at MTM, I can rely on my proven formula of a Song of the Week, followed by Sports Stuff… On today’s sports menu: Cousins to the Jets, Not Recognizing Stars & Dad Attacks Nassar.

Song of the Week: This week’s Song of the Week comes courtesy of my daughter and wife. The wife remarked that we must be the only couple that doesn’t use lullabies to put their baby to sleep. You mean you kid doesn’t go bed listening to an Afro-Jazz legend or British Muslim Icon? In that vein, I told my wife now that the baby is getting older, we need to add a new song or album to the rotation. The Song of the Week is from that album and it’s none other than John Coltrane’s “Acknowledgement” from the “A Love Supreme” album. Take a listen to this classic.

Cousins to the Jets: The Kirk Cousins sweepstakes has unofficially begun.

Would look great in Green!

I am sure some GM will be in front of his home at midnight when NFL Free Agency start. I hope one of them is Jets GM Mike MacCagnan. As Jets fan, Cousins is an immediate upgrade and he is no Aaron Rodgers but he ensures the Jets get to 8-8 easily and have a chance to get 10 or more wins. The Jets should do this and then see if the can bring back Josh McCown as QB. It will be tough in a league desperate for QB but if they can get those two guys, they can then take a project QB in the third or 4th round of the draft and make them their number 3 guy. This way they have a QB for now, a quality back-up, which in this league is critical because I think only 10 of 32 teams have 1 QB start the whole season and finally a guy that may be ready in 3 years after learning how to be a pro and won’t cost much. This also allows them to also spend their first 2 or 3 picks on improving the Offensive and Defensive line and later picks gambling on reserve linebackers, secondary reserves or receivers.

Meet_The_Matts, Sports Rain Man: Cousins to the Jets, Not Recognizing Stars & Dad Attacks Nassar.
Who Am I?

Not Recognizing Stars: This point was inspired by this Story on Twitter. In it, some guy sees Matthew Broderick and tries to get a photo with the star and his daughter. He is annoyed that Broderick’s friend (a Mets fan) won’t get out the shot. So he ignores the friend, takes the photo and gets in the car to show the rest of the family. The whole family screams because they realize who Broderick’s friend is. As a New Yorker, you are always encouraged to downplay celebrities when we see them; we are too good to freak. This isn’t Cleveland or Green Bay, so  you just act cool. As I thought about it and read the replies, Jim Palmer confirms a story about him walking up to the lady trying to have her picture taken with his statue, and she asked him to move because they were trying to take a picture. I would guess though, that of the Top 4 pro sports in America, baseball players must get this the most because a fair amount have average guy builds. Check out the thread for some other gems.

Dad attacks Nassar: A dad of three girls molested by disgraced and disgusting USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar, went after Nassar in court, only to be stopped by the bailiffs. I don’t know what took so long, if you ask me. I would have gone after him on his way in… or while in lock-up. Slip the guards a few bills… but that is just me. As a sign the world hasn’t lost its mind, the Dad was only held in direct contempt of court, but will not be fined or detained. Eaton County Circuit Judge Janice Cunningham, showing clear sense said, “There is no way this court is going to issue any type of punishment due to the circumstances of this case.” Well said, Your Honor.

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