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"Hands, touching hands..."

Cheesy-Bruin-Cowboys-Bruins, FREE NFL PICKS, MEET_THE_MATTSALBANY, NY – For those who follow this site during the NFL season, I do my best to pick games that I feel strongly about and pass them on to readers who place a buck or two on this fairly successful advice. After a break even 2-2 week, the record stands at 5-3 overall. Today, I’m coming back strong with these ducats in Cheesy Bruin’s FREE NFL Picks Week 3:

FAVORITE There were a few games where the quarterbacks were running for their lives and constantly under pressure with each drop back. One was Eli Manning and the other was Russell Wilson. Now, we all know how porous the Giants O-line is but some credit has to go to Rod Marinelli and the defensive scheme he put in place versus the Giants. On Monday Night, the Bears spent most of the night harassing Russell Wilson into a late pick six and fumble that secured a Chicago win. The Cowboys visit Seattle and I have a strong feeling this game will be lopsided in the Seahawks favor even with their own offensive line woes. The main reason is the inability of the Cowboys to scare anybody on the offensive side of the ball. You can’t win in today’s NFL if you don’t put points on the board and today won’t be a defensive effort the Cowboys can count on with the mobile Wilson. The pick: SEATTLE (-1.5) over Dallas

“Hands, touching hands…”

UNDERDOG For those in the 50+ years of age range, you might remember a handicapper named Pete Axthelm. He was NBC’s answer to CBS’ Jimmy The Greek and had a betting angle called the Master Of The Obvious (MOTO for short). Legion of Boom, Jimmy_The_Greek Cheesy_Bruin Meet_The_Matts, FREE NFL PICKSIt was a selection where a disproportionate amount of money would pour in on one team and Pete would select against the public perception. It proved to be a profitable strategy over the years and I’m employing it in the Kansas City/San Fran game. You’ve got a West Coast team travelling East for an early start, the Chiefs are lighting it up on offense, are historically one of the better home fields, and the Niners were tooth and nail to defeat a horrible Lions team last week. Add it all up and everything points to Kay Cee which is why I’m on the other side. The pick: San Francisco (+6.5) over KANSAS CITY

OVER You won’t find me picking a total where I’ve also selected a side in the same game. What am I talking about? I love the Seahawks as stated earlier but I also have a hunch this game might be going over the handicap. This selection is a strictly gut feeling that Seattle blows the doors off of my beloved Dallas Cowboys. The pick: Dallas/SEATTLE OVER 41.5

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UNDER The Carolina Panthers seem very content on throwing short passes to running back Christian McCaffery and while effective, it’s not going to light up the scoreboard. The Bengals are without Joe Mixon at halfback and will be leaning on Geovani Bernard to run the ball but he lacks the sizzle of the injured Mixon. If the run sets up the pass as it usually does, this game has all the sight and smell of a low scoring affair. The pick: Cincinnati/CAROLINA UNDER 44.

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