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MARLBORO, NY – Well, it finally happened last week! I didn’t have a losing week with my Cheesy Bruin’s Free NFL Picks! But… I also didn’t have a winning week either, as I split the four games picked. The record stands at 25-35, which really sucks. I’m back at it, however, with these FREE Picksand who doesn’t like free stuff anyway?

FAVORITE What in the world has gone wrong with the Atlanta Falcons? They were an offensive juggernaut, with players to prove it, but have not cracked more than twenty points during their latest five-game losing skid. There’s way too much talent for them to be performing the way they are. While the offense has sputtered recently, the defense had its share of injuries, helping knock the wheels fall off their bandwagon. Despite all of these troubles, Las Vegas is asking them to cover a very heavy number, as the Cardinals travel east for an early game – which usually spells trouble for the visitor. You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again: Vegas knows more than any of us and if they smell a blowout than invest accordingly. The Pick: ATLANTA -9.5 over Arizona

UNDERDOG As the NFL heads into the stretch is there any team in the NFC that wants to play the Seattle Seahawks? They are playing some pretty effective football for this time of year by just running the ball down teams’ throats and then before you know it Russell Wilson hits Tyler Lockett for a long touchdown seemingly every week. This team doesn’t scare you on offense with their personnel but they are formidable. The ‘Hawks are in San Fran who have performed admirably after the slew of injuries derailed the hype train heading into the season. It was only two weeks ago that Seattle romped to a 43-16 victory over the Niners so why are the Birds only a hare better than a field goal favorite in today’s game? Short week after the Monday Night game maybe? Shouldn’t matter. Somehow, someway San Fran gets the money in this game. The Pick: SAN FRANCISCO +3.5 over Seattle

Free_NFL_Picks, Cheesy_Bruin, Aaron_Rodgers, Matt_Ryan, NFL_Notes, Cheerleaders, Aaron_Rodgers, Matt_Ryan, Meet_The_Matts

OVER I’ve got little to go on picking Green Bay @ Chicago, other than a gut feeling that the Bears run up forty points by themselves, since the Pack has folded up the tent on their season. And Green Bay just plain old sucks on the road this year at 0-6. Aaron Rodgers may put up some numbers in this one but it’ll be all in a losing effort in the neighborhood of 40-21. Lots of garbage time points here. The Pick: Green Bay/CHICAGO OVER 45

UNDER The marquis matchup of the weekend takes place late as the Patriots travel to Pittsburgh. The total on this game started at 49.5 and has risen four and a half points to its current 54. It takes a whole lot of money to move a pointspread in either direction so there’s an inordinate amount of moolah riding on the OVER. The four and a half swing also creates the opportunity for a huge “middle” (where the result falls within the gap) and Las Vegas hates when this happens as they stand to lose boatloads of money. It’s always a red flag for me when there’s too much money on one side and I almost always take the opposite because public perception usually fails in these spots. The Pick: New England/PITTSBURGH UNDER 54

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That’s it. Leave your picks/thoughts below and come back tomorrow for Buddy Diaz, a who paints his thumbnails.

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