Angry Ward Wednesday: Todd Man Out, Trump’s Fried Feast, and the Rams Go for the Record

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BRONX, NY – There’s no shortage of stuff going on in sports right now, but I’ve particularly been enjoying all the baseball Hot Stove and football playoffs talk going on here lately. I’ll do my best to keep that stuff rolling, rather than writing about obscure movies from the 1980s. Here goes.

Meet_The_Matts, Clemson, Trump Dream Meal, McDonad's, Todd_Frazier, Angry_Ward_Calhoun, netherlands baseball
President Drive Thru

Mets Moves. While I don’t hold out hope that all or even any of new New York Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen’s off-season moves will work out, I really can’t find too much fault with them at this point in time. Although I had, and still have, serious reservations about the Cano/Diaz deal with the Mariners, I think a lot of the moving and shaking by BVW, has looked good. If Wilson Ramos can stay healthy (always a big IF when you play for the Mets) he’ll fill the gaping, soul-sucking chasm that’s been occupying the backstop position for years. I also really liked the Jed Lowrie pickup and even some of the minor moves like Keon Broxton, who just seems like a really good Dude. But, with all the movement in the infield, there’s one more move to be made. Plain and simple, the Mets need to get rid of Todd Frazier yesterday. Change Spring Training addresses and don’t tell him, trade him to a team in the Netherlands, I don’t care what you do, just don’t bring him back to Flushing. With Cano and Lowrie aboard and Jeff McNeil needing significant playing time as well, Frazier needs to be put out with the recycling.

Donald Trump Runs on Garbage. Changing gears here. The other day Donald Trump “treated” Clemson’s National Champion football team to a smorgasbord of craptastic fast food. While there was a fair amount of pearl clutching over his choice of cuisine, I’d argue that this was perhaps the most predictable and least offensive thing President Dumpster Fire has done during his time in office. We all know that he’s got zero taste in everything and eats like a child. And we probably knew that he didn’t know how to spell hamburger. If you’re gonna really take issue with something here, it has to be that he ordered a sh!t-ton of Filet-o-Fish sandwiches. Dude, no one wants a Filet-o-Fish. Get your head out of your fat a$$. It’s a fishcake sandwich slathered in tartar sauce and topped with a slice of American Cheese. Whoever came up with it is a culinary war criminal. One would not be surprised if Trump himself invented it. OK, let’s move on.

Good Luck to the Rams! As former MTM contributor and longtime LA Rams fan Grote2DMax pointed out to me yesterday, the Rams go into Sunday’s showdown with the New Orleans Saints tied with my Minnesota Vikings for the worst record in the NFC Championship Game. Both teams are currently at 3-6. If the Rams lose they’ll be all alone at #1. I think this team can accomplish anything and that worst NFC Championship record is certainly within their grasp. By the way, when I was checking out the NFC title game ledger, one surprising thing jumped out at me. For all of their years of greatness, the San Francisco 49ers sure as hell lost a lot in the NFC Championship. They’ve won it 6 times but lost it 9 times. Man, that’s a lot of Super Bowl appearances left on the table.

And, with that, I’m gonna leave the rest of this column on the table. Come back tomorrow for DJ Eberle, who never leaves anything on the table.

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